Saturday, November 27, 2010

~~the car that I'm driving.. I've bought it~~ lalalala

~~ all the women who are independent.. throw your hands up at me~~~

Introducing my new baby...

-taken by Cik Jiah's BB-
I look fresh for someone who is post-call right? because last night was one of those rare nights, I got to sleep 4 hrs straight without someone calling me. ;)
and i woke up asking the nurses, "anything for me??" heh.

Myvi SE dah laa.. kumpul duit nk kawen.. LOL

Saturday, November 20, 2010

1st posting: OBS & GYN

As you know, I started work in PPUKM on the 1st of November (yeah, they've changed from H to PP). I am currently in O&G department.

I only did my tagging (where we have to learn stuff quick from another Houseman) in just a week, and started on-call on my own on my 8th day of "life" in that graveyard. So it was a freaking nightmare.. I was on-call every other day (EOD), which means (for non-medical readers) start work 7am today and come home at 5pm tomorrow and the cycle continues every day. I was off tag after day 7 and the 2nd week, I was on-call EOD again. (T_T)

Work has it's ups and downs (life in general is like that right?). Some days are fine.. not that many patients, a few discharges and no ward rounds with the Prof. But most of the days are hell, so many patients delivering at the same time, patient in high-dependency unit started to deteriorate, referrals and so many clerical things to do, and suddenly was called to assist C-section.. ALL AT ONCE!

And yes, to answer the burning questions in your mind, I do conduct deliveries, and not just put my fingers in ppl's vajayjays but cut & sew them as well.

Mum started complaining of how little time she got to see me at home, because most of the time I'll be sleeping in my room every chance I got, even in the car (when I'm not driving that is).

My friend, Aziah is in the same hospital but I've never met her in the hospital, NOT EVEN ONCE!!! Oh wait, I think I did in the first week, just her silhouette though... *sigh*

Okay.. okay.. fine... I do learn loadsss of things these past 3 weeks, plus I lost 2kg already.. So there is an up side to all of these... ;)