Sunday, October 31, 2010

Work starts tomorrow! For real!!!

Earlier this week, I had a 5 days induction course here in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city. I was in Dynasty Hotel, Jalan Ipoh which is like 10-15 minutes drive away from my house (given that there is no traffic jam, of course).

It was an enjoyable experience, with a great roommate and making friends with other doctors. Everything else was great, even the food. Except for the cleanliness of the hotel. It does not live up to the standard of 4 star hotel at all. They need a major refurbishing and pest control operation from top to bottom.
Roomies: 2179 & 2173

Enough about the hotel. So during the course, everyone was informed of the next step in our life. Our postings to which hospital for the next 2 years. I got PPUKM in Cheras! (my 2nd choice) Yeayhh! In another word, I'LL BE STARTING WORK TOMORROW!!!! Am I ready for this??? T_T

Expect no updates at least for the next 14 days.. Tagging will start really early in the morning and finishes really late at night. Or maybe I'll be updating more than usual.. who knows.. heh.

Anyways, wish me luck peeps!! This is it... Bismillaahirrahmaanirrahimmm..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sorry this has to be in Malay because I am damn angry

Bank Simpanan Nasional = BSN = Bodoh Sangat Nakmampos! (okay, takde M tp nk jugak tambah!)

Aku pergi BSN td dgn kakak aku, hajatnye nk active kan blk account aku yg dh 5 tahun tak jenguk. (sbb aku takde dlm negara ni). Kalau ikot rules & regulation kat buku akaun tuh, 7 tahun tak aktif baru la dia tutup akaun. So, previous years aku blk Msia pun takde la aku kesah nk gi aktifkn account tu sbb dah t'tulis mcm tu kan..

But td aku pegi nk msk kn duit, dia kata account dah tutup!!! Aku pun mcm WTH la kan, account anak buah aku pun 5 tahun tak aktif, msk rm50 semlm ok jee... Bila aku tanye, si minah kat kaunter ni yg lebih baik takyah kerje yg kene jumpe customer sbb takde budi pekerti yg Melayu banggakan sgt... dia kata 2 tahun je tak aktif account tutup. Dari WTH aku pun tukar WTF la kan.. (dalam hati je la masa tu... naseb baek kakak aku ada)

2-3 tahun lepas, kakak aku ada masukkan check. Aku ada dapat check dr sebuah institusi yg aku penah blaja sebelum fly dulu sbb aku jd facilitator masa minggu haluansiswa. Kira gaji aku la utk seminggu tu.. So, kalau nk ikotkan, takde la akaun aku tu tak aktif sampai 7 tahun kan?? Yg bestnye, minah kat kaunter td tu ckp, "Balance rm24 je, bukak akaun baru je dik..." (based on balance dlm buku yg aku tak update 5 thn)... Eh, hello! Abes check aku tu kau nk byr ke?? Tak kuasa aku nk bukak account kat situ lg.. 7 generasi aku pun tak akan lah!! Mati hidup semula pun jgn mimpi!!

Dia kata sbb aku pakai atm card dulu, tolak rm8 per year. Eh, cukup la balance aku kalau nk potong pun. Akaun CIMB aku pun tak aktif 5 tahun ari tu, aku blk last year masuk duit kluar blk terus aktif balik!! Apa barang?? CIMB pun aku pakai kad. Mmg potong rm8 per year, tp pada tahun yg aku gune je!! Tahun aku tak guna takde la charge jugak suka hati mak bapak dia.

Mmg la, balance aku dlm akaun tu takde la beribu berjuta. Tp surat ke ape ke takde pun sampai kat rumah, on printed 7 tahun, tetibe ckp 2 tahun. Aku rasa kalau aku buat court case ni bole menang! Bukan lah aku kesah sgt duit dlm bank tu, kalau nk burn pun burn la.. Bole je hidup takde duit dlm tu. Tapi jgn la ckp, "Dijamin oleh Kerajaan" tp tak ikot procedure langsung kan...

Lagi satu, pasal banking kat Malaysia.. sume bende dia nk charge. ATM card 8 hinggit setahun la, siap ada limit brape kali sebulan plak tu bole pakai. Pastu kalau nk guna ATM kene kat specific ATM bank tu je pulak, charge extra kalau guna atm lain dan macam2 lg..
Masa aku kat sana, bayar duty stamp je every year, pastu lantak la nk guna ATM card tu, xde yearly charge pastu suka hati nk cucuk atm mane FOC ok!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Solution to my dilemma, BB Torch it is..

If you've been reading my blog, you knew the dilemma I'm having.. iPhone4 vs Blackberry. For me it's more than just a gadget. Choosing has other implications as well: College friends vs School friends, Facetime vs BBM.

Currently, I am using my Dad's Blackberry Curve (on loan until I made up my mind and of course when I can afford to buy my own.) *wink*.
I LOVE using my loaned Blackberry. Since I'm on BB, I rarely switched on my laptop (well, except for blogging, playing games and streaming). It is so convenient! Emails, notifications from Facebook and Twitter are all now directly bleeps to my phone and the red LED blinking away.

If only Nuffnang is kind enough to give me this, I'll be the happiest, luckiest girl in the whole wide world! ;)


The 1st ever smartphone with BOTH touchscreen and keyboard!! How cool is that??
And friends, no more complaining of how slow your smartphone is, this has 8GB memory AND 5MP camera! No more blurry pictures will be posted on FB. ;).
There is also a feature where we can multi-task on the browser! (like I'm doing now, 6 tabs at once on my google chrome!) Please refer here.

*I'm going dizzy by just reading the specs for this baby!*

Okay, composed myself...

The other day, was having a discussion with friends on which telco provider and which plan to choose from. After some browsing, I've decided to look no more, because I found Celcom Exec 50! Why should you choose this plan, click here. Cool eh?

Celcom is launching this baby end of this month. *excited*
So pre-register yourselves and do it quick (if you haven't done it already), to win yourselves some fantastic RM250 worth freebies, like bluetooth headset, micro SD card and energizer portable. Click here for pre-registration.

No wonder my parents and my brothers have been using Celcom since forever. It has the fastest, widest, clearest mobile network and is Malaysia’s No.1 Blackberry provider, with the best smartphones and plans! *wink*

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Weekly Dosage

1. Desperate Housewives
2. Brothers & Sisters
3. Family Guy
4. House MD
5. 90210
6. Gossip Girl
7. Glee
8. One Tree Hill
9. Grey's Anatomy
10. Private Practice

Summer-time doses:
1. True Blood
2. Entourage
3. Secret Life of the American Teenager
4. Drop Dead Diva

courtesy of - the best streaming website, it's free~!!. *wink*

The ups of being unemployed.. SEND ME MY LETTER ALREADY!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Know You're Getting Older When....

1. You started thinking about loans and debts and buying cars and buying properties, and these kinda things are the topics of discussions when hanging out with friends.

2. You started to think of how to spend your money wisely, investments and you actually understand bankers' language, and understand your taxes.

3. You started planning to get married, not just thinking about it, but really started buying stuff and have a date in mind.

4. You started planning at least 2 years ahead, if not 10 years ahead.

5. You started to have Plan A and Plan B... and maybe Plan C.. in planning your career.

6. You started to hate it when you hear the "latest hits" on the radio.. and you started searching for "oldies".. 90s songs are considered oldies now okaaayyyy.. ??? *sigh*

7. You started to hate what you see on TV, you think teenagers are ridiculous with their fashion and music senses. Not mentioning the hair, make-up and the PDA.

8. And of course the physical signs, you started having gray hair and wrinkles you swear you never noticed before and buying unnecessary creams for eye-bags and cellulite.

If you feel these things are so familiar, I'm saying this right in your face... YOU'RE OLD!!!

Yours sincerely,
Hana Husein @ Medertainer

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why can't u?

If other people can be considerate to you, why can't you just do the same to others?

Seriously, I don't understand some people. heh.

On a not really but quite similar note (ape aku merepek ni), I have found a solution to my dilemma. (refer to post on September 26). Will reveal it to you soon.. ;).

hint: to my friends and family who has me on their BBM, don't worry.. I'll be around! Maybe with a different pin. *wink* InsyaAllah.. ammeeeeeeennnn..

and thanks kak zaf! for giving me this brilliant idea~!! =D

Friday, October 8, 2010

Belated Birthdays~!!

28th September
Kak Ita, my sis-in-law

The celebration was at home. My brother took his lovely wife for a romantic birthday dinner and they came over afterwards with the children for the brownies!! =D

29th September
Miza, my cousin

We celebrated Miza's birthday last weekend, as she's studying in Johor. Our aunt brought us to Tony Roma's for her b'day dinner. I had the Chicken Pesto Salad which was to die for!!

Then we head to Starbucks, of course.
To burn all the calories off, we then had countless rounds of PS Rock band~! I love playing the drum, it really tests your coordination! And I got this singing one of the Beatles' hit (can't remember which) *woot woot*

30th September
Anchik, my brother
- no pictures because no celebration - =P
It's harsh being a guy who's getting older.. hehe. kidding2..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wedding bells~~

I have sooo many things to share with you but.. but.. but..
Ermmm.. nope. I don't have any excuses. :P.. I'm not busy at all.. I have soo much free time it's killing me.. heh.

Apart from sending and picking up the kids to and from school, grocery shopping with my sisters, playing with my cats and lists of television series to stream online, I basically have nothing to do at home.. My friends are all working during week days, my boyfriend is busy busy busy... and the ministry of health are saying that they don't have enough doctors but are so freaking slow to send me my induction letter. pppffttt... I know, I'm complaining I'm bored to death now, but I will be complaining of how I wish for a holiday once I started working.. Homo-sapiens are never content with their lives. heh.

Let's see.. where shall we start...
I don't know when this trend of open houses and weddings in every corner during the month of Syawal started. As I remembered, spending Syawal in Malaysia (6-7 years ago), the invitations are not as many and the traffic was not as bad.. Really made u think twice to drive anywhere at all...

So I am taking this opportunity to wish the newlyweds CONGRATULATIONS on their weddings...

1. Mrs Anyra and her husband

2. Mrs Anis and her husband

3. Apeh (my neighbour and wifi provider) and his bride

And Congats but sorry I couldn't make it to ur weddings (due to timing and logistic reasons)
1. Dr Izyan & husband
2. Dr Nurul & Dr Hazriq
3. Dr Aiza & husband

And thank u for all the invitations to your open houses. I only made it to a few this year. Thank u Izad, Azhar & Jep~!

our turn?? soon... insyaAllah.. ;)