Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day out and more domestic stuff

Yesterday we went to town centre again for some grocery shopping and just to get out of the house.. Mr Hubby knows I was bored at home so he took me out. And yet spring has not arrived even though it is already end of March. I dare not step out of the building especially at night given the weather now. Fortunately the snowing has stopped but the cold wind is still unbearable!

To warm up after walking in the cold, we stopped for a cup of yummy caramel macchiato of course in Starbucks. But what really fascinate me was the interior of the shop. It was lavishly decorated. Apparently the shop previously was a bank and they did not change much from the original interior of the building. Something different as compared to the usual modern wood and green deco of other Starbucks I have been to.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you must know about The Shambles. It is an old street here in York, since I don't know... 13th 14th 15th century?? According to my husband, it was featured in Harry potter's, I wouldn't know.. (More of an LOTR kinda girl). Nevertheless, the place was really cool with really old-looking buildings. Hehe.

In regards to my domesticated self, I am now polishing on my skills on desserts. I used to bake all the time when I was in Cork but as I mentioned previously, I am sticking to unbaked and microwaveable stuff due to the lack of an oven. So far, I've done 'kek batik', Eton-mess and unbaked apple cheesecake. I would usually half the recipes and that would last us for a week worth of tea breaks and desserts after dinner. 1 week!!!!

Another thing is, we are in love with Italian food lately, especially pastas. Apart from the bolognese and carbonara, hubby made me tried out the seafood olio aglio which turned out great! Just love those olives and Parmigiano-reggiano!

If you have any more ideas for great oven-less desserts, please do share. ;)

Okay, I think that should be enough talk. Now some pictures.. Laters~!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Just noticed my dear friend Aziah requested the recipe for pancakes. Here's a post dedicated to u, momsie-to-be!!
Actually, it's from Jamie Oliver's #1tweetrecipe! If you are not following him on twitter maybe you should start! He tweets full simple recipes in just 1 tweet, as the hash tag suggested.

1 cup self-raising flour
1 cup milk
1 egg

That's all you need! And you can improvise using your own imagination. I've tried them with blueberries, bananas and strawberries. I even made banana pancakes, just mash 1 whole banana and add to batter. Top off with maple syrup/honey/choc syrup.. U name it.. Vanilla ice cream even!
I usually got 6 pancakes with this recipe, just nice for the 2 of us..

Happy cooking!!

Now, I'm thinking of desserts now, but since we don't have an oven yet and a mixer for that matter, I'm sticking to microwaveable and unbaked desserts... Any suggestions?

Here are some pictures to make you salivating again. May seem like I prefer Western food but nah.. Chicken curry and black pepper beef don't look as appetising as home-made spaghetti carbonara and full English breakfast. Hehehe

*all the food in pictures posted are home-made by yours truly.. ;)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello from York!

Time passed by so quickly!! I have been here for more than 1 week now. ;)

So what's the story morning glory?

After I finished by housemanship in PPUKM, I was placed in Pahang for my MO-ship. I specifically requested for Temerloh to be reunited with my lovely Carriglea housemate, Kasusi! Such a sweet reunion but sadly it lasted for only one week.. Once my leave was approved by the MOH, straight away I bought the earliest ticket out to London (drama, I know..).

So I arrived here on the 23rd of February 2013. Since then I have been a full-time housewife and I am loving it! We are renting one of the studio in campus. Nice little cosy place we have here.. As u enter the door, to your right is the bed, to your left is the bathroom. Then you will see the dining area straight ahead. If u walk 5 steps ahead the kitchen is on your left and the study area is on your right. Perfect for just the two of us. Hehehe. This is only temporary until the end of term in September, we will be renting out a new place soon.

Since I arrived, mr husband has been quite busy with lectures and assignments. But he took the liberty of entertaining me with shopping trips in between his work. Weee-hoooo!! My 2nd day here we went for grocery shopping, then Wednesday, he took me around campus and we went to a retail park here in York for more shopping. Last weekend he took me to the city then to Leeds to buy some stuff from Ikea! I am a happy happy woman.. ;). Love you to bits darling!

Coming back to this side of the world made me realised that I kinda miss Ireland.. York reminds me a lot of Cork.. (Yeah, just change the first letter). The weather, the friendly people... Everything! And to have the familiarity of the lifestyle and atmosphere is really something I really appreciate..

I need to be studying too for my entrance exam.. But let me savour the joy of thinking of what dish to cook for dinner, doing the laundry and cleaning first okay? Okay. ;)


Salivating much? ;P