Thursday, July 28, 2011

3rd Posting: Medical

Okay, so I started my 3rd posting on the 6th of July.. So far so good..
It's tough being a 3rd poster in Medical because the expectation is so high, we even have to do MO's job.. *sigh*

So far I had 4 on-calls in medical.. anti-Jonah so far.. average of 6 admissions per night and only 1 pt collapsed on my watch.. hope it stays that way for the next 3+ months.. ;)
But honestly, no matter how late I got to go back home every night, it is not as stressful as Surgery.. AND new HOs are flocking in = less work!
ANDDD!! I'm taking the weekend off!!! weehooo~~~!

So many things to settle this weekend.. but i'm looking forward to spend tomorrow night with my Carriglea girls!!! *EXCITED*

Will update soon... maybe with pictures next time around.. ;)