Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in pictures

The birth of my nephew.
B'day parties & baby shower.
Birth of my bestie's son.

The lil boy's aqiqah.

Chopped off my long mane that had been kept for years and years.

Prepare for finals


Beyonce's concert in Dublin.
Back in Malaysia.
Attachment in O&G, Ampang Hospital.
SMARTian 9802 gathering in PD.

Daddy hospitalized for Dengue fever
Attachment in Paeds, HSNZ, KT

FYP in Malaysia
Gathering with cousies.

Back in Cork. =(

Friend's b'day
Eid Mubarak

Our doctor's b'day ;)

Sis-in-law stillbirth.

Another friend's b'day
Manchester trip

Med ball

FYP presentation

B'day again.. =)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

So sweeeeeeeetttt...


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jacob & Ashleigh

Jacob & Ashleigh is the BEST couple this season!!! (although she's married to Ryan, whom I adore as well) =P. Anyhoo, check this out~~! My favourite Jacob & Ashleigh routine...

p/s: Check out their other routines on youtube!
pp/s: I miss dancing... Daymmm~~

Saturday, November 21, 2009

No2, make it 2 words! : DISSAPOINTMENT & CHEESY!! haha

The only good thing is that I got to see them topless, esp the buffed one~!! *drools*

Monday, November 16, 2009

Checklist for next time..

- Geriatric medicine rotation in Clonmel

- Trip to Manchester

- Sanctity of marriage


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On Hiatus

Thanx for dropping by..

Have so many things to share but so little time..

Will start blogging again… soon i hope.. =)

Huggs & kisses

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So Glorified is He and Exalted above all that they associate with Him, and in Whose Hands is the dominion of all things, and to Him you shall be returned. [36:83]


My sister-in-law had a stillbirth earlier today...

I've been trying to keep myself busy the whole day, even when I had the chance to come home after lunch, I stayed in the hospital...
But when I get back and saw my desktop background, which is a picture of my nieces and nephews with my sister-in-law with her bump, I couldn't hold it back any longer..

I can't breathe.. need to get out of here..

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I love the smell of fresh flowers in my room.. Refreshing~! Xoxo frm my SonyE.

Happy Birthdays..

10th October - Happy Birthday kak Sus~! mwahx!

11th October - Adam, my nephew's 2nd birthday! =D

This is what I baked for kak Sus:

Mango Cheese Tarts with Blueberries (courtesy of

p/s: the blueberries are supposed to be fresh ones, but they were too sour so I decided to make some home-made blueberry jam instead! =D

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Girls stuff


So it's the time of the month and I was late 5 days.
Delays always occur when I am stressed out, eg during big exams and during the emotionally unstable time of leaving Malaysia.. But I don't have an explanation for being stressed out this month, maybe my final year project.. maybe.. hmmm..

Anyhoo, Ponstan (mefenamic acid) usually does the trick but sadly I ran out of my wonder drug and stuck with Nurofen Plus (Ibuprofen and Codeine). Supposedly it's better than Ponstan as it has codeine in it, but after finishing half a packet, I still don't feel much relief.. well, only for the fisrt couple of hours.

D*mn u clots! Come out already!! I had to miss one whole day of class just to be in bed tossing and turning! Urrrggghhhhhh!!


A day in a life..

I am currently doing my tutorial block rotation for 4 weeks.
Basically, the whole month is just tutorials (as the name suggested), shadowing intern for a week and attachment/shadowing other members of the team (namely the physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurses, radiologist etc).

Last Friday morning, I was shadowing a nurse from 9am until 1pm. I consider myself lucky to be attached to an enthusiastic nurse who wants me to really live a day (well, half a day really) in a life of a nurse. Directly after introducing myself, I started changing bedsheets all around the wards. Now I am able to put on flat sheets and make them really crisp! (I usually avoid buying flats, prefer fitted or valance sheets). Well back to the story.. Then I had the opportunity to help change an old lady's diapers and help her wash her back, put her clothes on etc. Did some manual handling, coercing a patient to eat her lunch and was shouted at by a patient because he said we treated him like a baby (fed him and lift him up).. I was wearing a short-sleeved white coat and I buttoned up all the way to move around easily, and everyone started calling me a nurse, even my classmates!

It's amazing the workload these nurses are facing everyday! After being with them for a day, I understand why they sometimes do not get along with the doctors.
To all the nurses out there, Thank You for your hard work and you are greatly appreciated!
To all the doctors and doctors-to-be, we need to put ourselves in someone else's shoes to understand them.
So, stop b*tching behind each other's back and work as a team!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Final Med, 1st rotation = General Practice

For the past 4 weeks, I was attached to a practice in Cork.
Our daily activities include 2 hrs sit-in with a GP, 1 hr tutorial, a session for audit/reading time/evidence based medicine, a session with a nurse/physiotherapist/nursing home/pharmacist.
The practice and doctors are excellent and I enjoyed my 4 weeks there.
Ended the rotation with an exam on Friday.
GP rotation contributes to 7.5% of final marks for Medicine module. =)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

O.M.G. *faints*

I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't waaaaaiiiiittttttt!!!

p/s: Thanx Fendi! My vampire-freak buddy! =D

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Eid Mubarak~!


@ PPMC’s Eid celebration


in front of Carriglea’s garage (should have worn heels too! Dayymm..)

  10219_282307180570_507480570_8955926_4303165_nWith Jood~!

DSC_5736The extended family 

9320_135197024301_548234301_2562012_2217899_nThe girls 

Wishing everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri/Eid Mubarak~!

Maaf Zahir & Batin! =)

Pre-Eid Part 2

The last iftar we had for this year was Pija's delicious 'Nasi Kerabu'.. Yum2~~!!

Then, all the preparation for the next day started...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pre-Eid Part 1


I cook Nasi Dagang (my mum’s recipe) for iftar.


Last Tarawih prayer for this Ramadhan with the girls.


Pre-Eid housemates picture, as Kasus is already on her flight back home today. *sob sob*.


"Reading" time..

We were given designated "reading" time during our GP rotation which is supposedly our self-directed learning sessions.. (ie you're-supposed-to-be-studying-for-your-exam time)

But today, instead of reading GP and medical books, I was reading magazines in a hair salon.. =P

-new side-swept bangs for Eid!- =P

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Books!! =D

I've bought Dan Brown's new released, THE LOST SYMBOL!!!! Can't wait to start burying my face in that!!
Oh, wait! GP's EMQ exam is next Friday (25th Sept).. Now, The Lost Symbol or Prof's GP Pocket Essentials..? Hmmm.... *sigh*

Owh, and I bought three of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series.. =P. Now, if only I could find the time to read them.... hmmm....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Project..

There were only 4 girls of Carriglea left in Cork for this weekend and we decided to dedicate our Saturday for BAKING COOKIES~!! =D


Chocolate Chip Cookies


Hundreds & Thousands cookies


Weekender biscuits (cornflakes coating)


Coconut Crisp Cookies


Ta daaaaa~!!

Then we head off to city centre for our ‘buka puasa’.. yummy~!DSC01173

Myself, GG, Iylia & Peach (the newest member of Carriglea!)

And we ended the night with a Malay movie after our ‘tarawih’ prayer.. =D

Friday, September 11, 2009

Vampire-related stuff

If u've read my post in January this year, you would have known my obsessions with vampire-related story books. (L.J. Smith, Anne Rice, Stephenie Meyer etc). And I love watching vampire-related movies/tv series as well (Anne Rice's, Twilight, Blade, True Blood..) No, not Buffy.. That was lame.. =P

What was getting me excited is the new TV series on CW, The Vampire Diaries. It is an adaptation from L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries series.. Yeayhh!! Hope it turns out well though.. Because it could be lame now that all the vampire-related stories are a trend now.

Since we're on this topic, I might as well recommend HBO's original series, True Blood to all you vampire fans out there.. Just finished with 2nd season now. I love the story line and Anna Paquin is such an amazing actress (been her fan since she was in the Piano-1994. She won an Oscar for that one!)

I know I should cut down hours spent watching TV series now that I am in my final year, but some series are just too hard to resist! *wink*

My 'physio' session

Walked for more than 1/2 hour up the hill and arrived to a closed physio where I was supposed 2 sit-in for sessions. Ended up i had 2 walk 4 2 hrs straight to find my way home!! Thank God it was such a lovely day~!