Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kids.. =)

Remember Bill Cosby's 'Kids say the darndest things'? When you have 13 nieces & nephews, you can't help it but laugh at the silly things they say and do..

Example 1
My 1 1/2 year old nephew was slurping too much Chocolate Ice-blended only to stop and said, "Atit" (translated: It hurts!) and holding his head... He was having brain freeze! LOL

Example 2
My 2 1/2 year old nephew keeps calling my boyfriend "Abang" (translated: brother) instead of Uncle.. I keep on correcting him and he would refused to correct himself accordingly.. So I purposely refer to my boyfriend as "Abang" and he was confused and started calling him Uncle instead~! *wink*

Example 3
When my 7 year old niece was younger (around the age of 5), she refused to be straight-forward in saying things. For instance, she would say she's having stomach-ache instead of having to go to the loo. So, every time she said she's having stomach-ache, that's the cue she needed to go.. And when she's sleepy, she would say her eyes are getting smaller (in Malay: "mata adik dah kecik!") instead of wanting to go to bed! =D

These are just some examples.. These kinda things make you adore them no matter how naughty they are... =)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Project on Sunday

My nephew and my mum had recently brought home 3 kittens and yesterday I had the honour of bathing them! It was such an honour as these 3 little fur-balls are the most "manja" kittens I've ever known. They didn't even purred when I splashed cold water on their "comot" faces. hehe.
Finding strategic spots to keep warm after bath & fur-dried

Introducing, Notty~~! (my favourite... so far..) *wink*

The white one is Schleepy and the grey one is Tigrey. =)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's (or CBnTL for short) Blackforest Ice Blended with Cecelia Ahern's latest book is the perfect way to spend the afternoon... Well, while waiting for Mr. Boyfie actually.. =P

Oh, and I am a proud holder of MPH membership card.. *wink*

AND!!! I found H&M's dress here in Malaysia!!! Like seriously!! And of course, I bought it~! =P
I wonder when they are planning to open a store here.. and LUSH too~!!!! *sigh*

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I want! I want! I want!

Baby Phat Feminine White Coat

Littmann's pink stethoscope (Breast Cancer Awareness edition)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Domestic Goddess in the making

2 nights ago, I cooked dinner for the whole family. I made roast chicken with cranberry sauce and potato gratin for the main course. Thanx to my dear friend Kamas and her hubby who taught me Jamie's style!

pictures are courtesy of Google Image. The kids were very hungry, didn't had the chance to grab the camera *wink*

And my sister made the appetizers - chili con carne with corn bread and mushroom soup.. Yummy~~!

I was thinking of Lasagna or other pastas for next time around.. and maybe Kasus' famous eton mess for dessert. Yum2!

I may retire from baking cake here in Malaysia since my eldest sister is waaayyy better at it than me! hehe. She went to college to study baking, DUH!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dad's B'day, Blackberry & Love triangle

Tuesday was Daddy's b'day.. We had home-made steamboat for dinner and Boston Cream Pie for Dad's b'day cake (Yummy~!)

For his presents, I bought him a frame, nails & sandwich bag (things he needed) which were wrapped nicely. He didn't know that we had bought him a Blackberry for the REAL present.. *wink*

Blackberry isn't as good as the hype really.. It refused to switch on even with the battery fully charged. It was fine this morning (I even had the chance to play with the new gadget for a while) but it went kaput. Thank God for warranties..

Earlier that day, I had a date with Mr. Boyfie. We went for a movie in TGV WangsaWalk. My 2nd time there, first was with my cousin for Karate Kid. 2nd time around was of course, for Eclipse.. I know it is quite late to watch it 5 days after the premier given that I am reading the books for the third time now. But I'm trying to avoid the crowds.. and to avoid being labeled as Twi-hards. And yeah, the love triangle in the books are less cheesy than the movies.
But the coolest part was of course the fighting scenes, especially when it involves the Cullens.

We voted, the best couple is... *drum rolls*

Thursday, July 8, 2010

World Cup...??

I am never really into football.. and thank God my boyfriend is not really into it either.. ;)
But somehow I am glad I stayed up last night to watch Espana kicked Deutschland's ass off the cup.. woohooo~~!!
When I was in Cork, 2 girls in the house were really into football especially Kakya.. she would scream her lungs off everytime she watches a match. And everytime I joined them (usually only the final match of a league/cup), I would support the opposite team (just for the fun of it) as well for the fact that the team that I usually like would lose, so the girls are usually delighted.

So for this World Cup final, between Netherlands and Spain... I would definitely stay up again to watch the match.. Supporting, of course.. ESPANA~!! =D

p/s: sorry if my bad-luck would cost Espana the title, why not wait for Paul the Octopus...LOL

Monday, July 5, 2010

10th day in Malaysia.. weee~~!!

I'm home!!! for good!! yeayyhh!! =P
So, we arrived in KLIA on the 25th of June.. My sisters, brother & the kids were there..

and of course, mr. boyfie was there too! ;). and I was knackered, smelly and with blocked-nose. *sniffs*

The next evening, we went to RedboxRia in Sogo for my welcome home party as well as birthday celebration for my niece, my nephew and my sister.
the girls hogging up the microphones

It was the 1st time since i-can't-remember-when, all 7 siblings were gathered under one roof.

And then there were hanging out sessions with cousins and Wii at their brand-new home in Sering Ukay. (we should have taken pictures, adik!)

And then there were times I just sat at home, with tissue papers surrounding me on the bed and Charlaine Harris accompanying me.

Yesterday was a very interesting day indeed.. Spent the whole day at Mr. Boyfie's parents', *coughs* my future in-laws' *coughs*(InsyaAllah). Had lunch there and brought them home-baked scones (Mr. boyfie's favourite!) and played bowling @ Alamanda with the whole clan afterwards. ;)

Oh! And I'm in the process of getting my driving licence! Finally!! =P