Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The greatest thing about going back to Terengganu this time was, apart from seeing my Mum... I GOT MYSELF A PAIR OF GLADIATOR!!!
One pair for me, one pair for my sister.. *standing ovation*!

Believe it or not, I've been looking all over KL for the shoes! The expensive stores, the 'okay' boutique, even the cheap ones.. I just couldn't find any! Okay, exaggeration! I found one in Carlo Rino but it wasn't exactly the colour that I want. And I found one in D&G in Singapore, which is damn expensive! My friend bought one in Kota Bharu, and I couldn't find it in the same shop in KL!! *eyes rolling*. I've had my eyes on gladiators since I was in Cork (May/June). I did find a few pairs in Ireland, like in Topshop, Clarks etc, I thought there would be more choices in KL. Well, I thought wrong. It turns out people in Terengganu and Kelantan are more up-to-date than in KL.. *hahaha*
So now I'm just waiting for a wedge-gladiator or heels-gladiator.. Wedge-gladiator would be the best! I love wedges, and I would love to add more wedges to my collection.. *wink*

The one I fell in love with in the magazine, Nine West Gladiator Wedge.
Wait for me! I'll get you in September~!

Terengganu, 2nd Trip..

Went back to Terengganu again on the 22nd of July and came back on the 27th.
This time, I didn't get the chance to go around much, so basically we just laze around at home. *wink*
Lazing around with Adam
Our routine was:
- wake up in the morning, breakfast (nasi dagang/nasi impit+sambal ikan/nasi minyak/laksam/beehoon goreng etc)
- my family usually had durian for lunch, but it's a no-no for me. (I can't stand the smell! It's a migraine inducer for me, really~!)
- in the afternoon, usually just went to the city center, markets or visit our relatives. One afternoon, we went to Pantai Batu Burok and had a stroll down the beach. =)

Hani, Adam & I @ Pantai Batu Burok
Adam enjoying the beach

- after Maghrib, we would all be at my Mum's food stall. She just manage the stall, really. Her cook, who is a Kelantanese, cooks "hot food", u know.. all the goreng2 stuff (tom yam, nasi goreng, padprik etc). I helped out at the stall while I was there.

Next post coming soon.. really soon..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

There is a reason why it is called a "One Way Street"

Have you ever thought of looking on both directions before crossing a one-way street (or "Jalan Sehala")? A warning to my beloved readers, please do so before crossing, regardless of whether it's a one-way street or two-ways. Especially if you're living in this country (a.k.a. Malaysia).

These reckless drivers and motorcyclists don't give a sh*t about everyone else's safety. I witnessed numbers of these arrogant-looking-drivers-who-think-they-are-too-good-to-admit- that-they-are-in-the-wrong-direction, a.k.a. "stoopeed" drivers. I mean, if you've accidentally made the wrong turn, at least put on your guilty smile or raise up your hand instead of putting on your arrogant face.. *sigh*

Can't you read the sign?

Remember guys... left, right, left again.. then cross.. *wink*

Girls Night Out

The 10 of us

Intan & I

Date: 18th July 2008
Time: 9.30pm
Location: Kunang-kunang Restaurant, Sri Gombak

Reunion with the girls from high-school... =)

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Hairdo

Date: 14th July 2008
Time: 5pm
Location: One Utama

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daddy's Birthday

Dad and my nieces

Adam excited

Daddy's girl

Date: 13th July 2008
Time: 9.00pm
Location: Cozy Corner, Ampang Park

Saturday, July 12, 2008

32nd Bon Odori 2008

Date: 12th July 2008
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: Panasonic Sports Complex, Shah Alam

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Change Your Mentality, Please...

I'm so not in a good mood.. Before I start typing out my feelings, please excuse my French..

I just don't understand these "stoo-peed" people!

Don't you know it's RUDE to stare?? Be a gentleman and walk up to me if you have balls! It has become a nightmare for me to take public transport on my own in this city! Thanx to these good-for-nothing "bumholes" (quoting Kak Mas).

Stop being so JUDGMENTAL!! Do you think that just because I'm not wearing any veil means that I don't pray 5 times a day?? Why do you have to stare at me like I'm some kind of a disease?

Is it soo hard to say these 3 kind words?? 'THANK YOU', 'PLEASE' & 'I'M SORRY'?? I guess these words are so hard to pronounce by these people.

And please for goodness sake, SMILE!! Friendly faces are almost non-existence! And I thought people who are working in areas where you have to deal with customers should be friendly. The only "friendly" faces you got is from those people who doesn't know how to control their pumping hormones.. bumholes!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Johor Bahru & Singapore

Hey peeps~!

Just got back from our little trip to Johor Bahru and Singapore! Our flight to JB was on Wednesday morning (2nd July). Arrived in Johor, my friend's bf who lives and works in JB picked us up from the airport and took us sight-seeing and eating around JB. Yep, eating! Our main purpose of this trip.. hahaha

Feesha, GG & I.. Taman Istana, JB

The next day, we crossed the Tebrau strait to the island of Singapore.. The first day was really meant for sight-seeing. We went to Sentosa Island (Underwater World, Siloso Beach & Dolphin Lagoon). Then went to the Financial District, of course, to see the great Merlion. Sadly, it was under construction!! *sigh*
Cable car ride to Sentosa

Siloso Beach, Sentosa

The Mini Merlion (the green thingy at the back is the real thing which is under construction) *sigh*

The 3rd day of the trip, we went to Singapore again. And this time, is only meant for window-shopping~! Well, ermm.. with a little bit of shopping as well.. =P
So we went to Bugis Street, Arab Street and of course, Orchard Road.. And I saw my favourite shoes in D&G for Sing$1399.. *sob sob*

The hectic Orchard Road

The 4th day, is another day in JB. Food, food and more food~! Yummy~!! Almost everyday we had otak-otak.. hehe. What else? Hmm.. Soto Ayam, Nasi Ambeng, Botok-botok, Cakoi with peanut sauce, Air Chikung... You name it, you got it.. Heaveennnn~! =P

Food-hunting in JB

That's it for now folks~! I'm browsing for a new guitar now.. Wish me luck! =D