Monday, February 28, 2011

Next Posting Starts Tomorrow!!! *collapsed & die*


My long holiday is ending soon... by that I mean today!!!
I'll be starting new posting tomorrow! For real?!!
It's not official, but I was told by the person-in-charge in HR that I'll be starting Medical Posting tomorrow!! (as I am so lazy to hand in my log book, will only be doing so tomorrow morning.. heh).

Wish me luck, peeps! And it seems like I need loads of luck as there is only 6 (S.I.X.!!!) H.O.s in Medical at the moment. *die! die! die!*

okay bye.. need to hit the books!

yeah rite.. i mean hit the bed!! *_*

Monday, February 21, 2011

February Updates

Hello peeps~!
It's been a while since I wrote something here.. Kinda miss blogging to be honest..
So, let's pick up where we left shall we?

2nd February was Mr fiance's 26th birthday!! =D
We had a really romantic candle-lit dinner in a French fine-dining restaurant somewhere in the city center. Sorry, no pictures allowed! =P

2 Fridays ago, my colleagues & I went for a dinner in TGIF, WangsaWalk.. we had great fun chatting & laughing away. Then some of us went for bowling & I went to watch The Green Hornet with Mr Fiance. That's when I lost my pouch.. which includes my Blackberry, my iPod touch, my ID, my licence, my ATM card etc etc... yeah, was really pissed off...
as a result, i'm RM2k poorer as I just bought myself a new iPhone4. Just settled with my temporary ID card & licence.. and I have to go to the bank tomorrow to settle all that.. Thank God I'm on a week-long holiday! *woot woot*

one of the last pictures taken by my BB.. *sigh*

Oh wait! Have I not tell u already?? I'm done with O&G!!! I've gathered all my holidays (well, just 8 days per posting) and enjoying the long holiday now before going on to the next posting.. which I have no idea which yet ... either Medical or Surgical posting... wish me luck!! Was actually hoping for Medical first so I could get the worst over and done with and save the lighter ones near to the big day!

To commemorate my end of O&G posting, Cik Jiah & I went for a spa retreat last Sunday in Aurora Beauty Spa Saloon in Ampang. Felt so good to be pampered and massaged from head to toe.. =)

can u see the glow on our faces? hee..

would definitely recommend this place & would definitely go there again! ;)