Sunday, April 24, 2011

2 months update

It's been almost 2 months since I last posted something here!
My blogspot has been neglected! Oh nooo!! Same goes to all my social network accounts.. Rarely have I been updating and logging in to all these websites. Because...

1. the-same-old-excuses-everyone-keeps-giving... B.U.S.Y. : especially since I started my 2nd posting in Surgery.. which sux. I am in the 2 most horrible teams of surgery that anyone can possibly get.. (in HUKM at least). Oh yes, I am in Surgical posting now, not Medical. I am now working every single day even during weekends.. even on my birthday, which is TODAY!! (oops, terkeluar topik kejap)

2. you know that I lost my BB in February right?? I didn't have the chance to tell u that since I lost both my BB and my iPod touch, i bought myself an iPhone4.. I haven't even told u guys about it and now I lost my iPhone too.. all in the short course of 2 months.. I lost RM~5k in total!!! daayymmm.. that's like a slightly more than a month's pay.. *blood tears*. This time, it's not in the movie theater, but i lost it in the ward!! on the counter table!!!! seriously, FML... so now, i'm resorting to good old Nokia phone.. the type that it's so slim and light i can hang it around my neck.. like seriously.. no more smartphones for me..

anything else... lemme think...

my dear cousin treat me for bday lunch today in Secret Recipe after work.. and tonight my family is having a BBQ dinner.. yipppee~!! =D

but all the happiness stops when I think about having to go to work EARLY tomorrow morning and I'm oncall tomorrow!!! *HUGE SIGH*

okay.. that's it for now... see you when i see you! (next 2 months maybe.. heh)