Sunday, August 29, 2010


I miss cooking and break-fast with them.
I miss the sadness and laughter we shared spending Eid away from our families.
I miss the arguments of who would lead the Tarawikh every night during Ramadhan.
I miss all the dishes we prepared ourselves on first day of Syawal, even when we have classes.
I miss our open-house and feasts as well as hours of photography sessions just to get few good shots to be posted on FB.
They are my sisters, they are my family.. I miss you girls!! and boys.. hehe. ;)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Venting out.. long overdue...

Some people are just plain selfish that sometimes makes u wanna bang your head on the wall and scream your lungs out.. (thank God it's Ramadhan and thank God we have blogs nowadays to let our steam off).

These kinda people always leave you with problems and headaches. I don't know whether they just purposely do things that will only satisfy them and only them without thinking the consequences to the people around them. It's probably pure ignorance or simply S.E.L.F.I.S.H.

Eh hello! Please la think one step ahead. Plan things out properly. If you expect people to be nice to you, be nice to them. Learn common courtesies, like 'thank you' and 'sorry'. These things are easy to do. My little gems also know how to say thank you and say please. Which planet are you living in huh?

p/s: this is not just about one person, this is about 2 people.. heh.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good news, Sad news

I passed my driving test today!!! weehooo~~!! FINALLY!!! After delaying it for 8 yrs, now I'll be driving around for the next 2 yrs with this sticker on my car..

(err... what car?). I mean my Mom's car or anybody else's who is not afraid to let me drive theirs... =P. I'll buy my own car soon... ;)

On a different note, my cat, Nottie is no longer with us.. *sobs*. She was run over by my sister when she was backing up the Merc from the driveway. We always check around the car to make sure Nottie wasn't around, and if she is we would lock her up in her cage. But today she was nowhere to be found before my sister back up the car. She suddenly came running out of nowhere and her life ended then.
In a way I am glad that I wasn't at home when it happened as I would have cried my eyes out witnessing such a tragedy. I have always been the one to feed her and play with her and hug her and bathe her..
I will always remember you and love u, Nottie~~ Rest In Peace...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Ramadhan Routine

If you've been wondering what the heck am I doing during my free time now that I've finished my degree but still haven't started working, allow me to tell you..

Most of the days, early in the morning, I would accompany my sister to the market (Pasar Dato' Keramat) to get her supplies of fresh meat as well as some groceries for break-fast and dinner. And now, I'm starting to learn my fishes and what type of cooking is suitable for each fish. I told you, I am a domestic goddess in the making. heh.

When we got home, my sister would start cooking her Daging Cincang Asam Pedas which will be sold in Bazaar Ramadhan.

Myself, on the other hand, would help out my neighbour for his Pucuk Ubi Tempoyak for Bazaar as well. Help out as in volunteer work, and in the West, you still got paid for volunteering, so I will get my pay at the end of the month. =P

After I've worked my biceps (right arm mainly), chopping and slicing, I would then help my sister out with her cookies, thus building my right biceps some more, rolling the dough.

After prayers and some rest, some days we might go to super markets to get some groceries, and pick up the kids from school. Got home and help out my sister in the kitchen for our break-fast and dinner. Since this Ramadhan, I've only been to the bazaar once! (when I thought that was the thing I miss about fasting in Malaysia).
And I've been to the surau once for tarawikh as I am too tired to leave the house. I would do it on my own at home if I do not doze off first.
My niece, Jasmine, waiting for tarawikh

That's basically how I spend my day this Ramadhan.

So, if you're looking for Kampung style food for buka puasa (Daging cincang asam pedas, pucuk ubi tempoyak with or without petai, ikan patin masak tempoyak and daging salai lemak cili padi), you will find the stall in Taman Melawati's Bazaar Ramdhan. You won't miss it, just look for this periuk belanga. ;)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak~!

Happy fasting people~!! =)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hiking @ Broga Hill

Last Sunday was a fun-filled day which started really early, at 4 in the morning! Me, Mr Boyfie and 5 friends from high-school went hiking. We were hoping to catch the sunrise at the peak, but the number of people went hiking on the same time on the same day was unbelievable, it was like having Kuala Lumpur's traffic jam on the steep hill, like seriously.. Exactly like MRR2 on a Friday afternoon, I'm telling you..
The climb up was great, just a few places with slippery slopes. But the journey down was not so bad, for me at least, because I fell down flat on my bum.. *sobs*. Blame the slippery slopes and my 3 year old Nike sneakers. =P

sweating like a p*g =P

!Group picture will be uploaded soon!

After we were back on flat-land, we went for breakfast and had a loooonggg discussion to continue our adventurous day.. So we decided on going to Kemensah river for a swim. Well, just dipping our feet for some of us. *wink*
The day continued on a lunch at Kampung Thai in Ampang.I still haven't found the best Pad Thai in Malaysia.. any suggestion people?

All in all, I had an awesome time with my friends laughing our heads off and updating on gossips. I just can't believe it has really been 8 years since I left school.. Daym, I'm old..

Monday, August 9, 2010

New room

Since I got back, there has been a big project going on in my room. My dad had extended my room, repaint and last Friday bought a new wardrobe from IKEA. =)

My PAX wardrobe is something like this..

But I wish for something like this.. =P (soon...)

After shopping in IKEA, Mr Boyfie & I went to PappaRich for an early dinner.

Steamed curry bun

Hainan Chicken Rice

Weird combinations of drinks but really delicious - (Longan Milk Honey Ice & Soy Milk with coffee jelly or something like that..)

Toast with condensed milk.. yummmmm