Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meig's syndrome

Ms B is a 59 year old para 2, presented to her GP with abdominal distension. She thought she was gaining weight but it turns out that she was developing ascites. She has no significant history. On examination, she has pleural effusion (stony dullness on percussion especially on the R side), ascites and bilateral ankle oedema. On abdominal examination, there is a hard palpable mass on the R lower quadrant.
I had the chance to scrub in to assist the surgery. The tumour taken out was the size of a grapefruit!! It is a rare and a benign condition. In the US, the prevalence of Meig's syndrome is 1% (or maybe even less than that).

Meig's syndrome will definitely stuck in my head now...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yeayh!! I did it!!!

before (21st March)

after (23rd March)

The last real haircut I had was 7 yrs ago (which was shoulder-length). Since then, my annual visit to the hairdressers were only for trimming, treatments, rebonding, hi-lites etc. It took me one whole month to gather this courage to finally cut it short! =D

And I'm loving my bob~!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I need a haircut!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Calling F1 fans in Malaysia!

Renault F1 Team Event

Venue: Bangsar Shopping Village
Date: 2nd April 2009
Time: 3.30pm

Be there!

p/s: to my brother, Anchik.. upah please!! =P

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekend.. aaaahhh..

It feels so good just lazing around on Saturday.. don't have to wake up too early for ward rounds.. afternoon nap in bed with baby J.. watch a Japanese movie and lazing around some more.. =D. (Smile of contentment).. And nothing beats a warm cup of coffee and a good book.. *wink*

I promise will do some studying tomorrow and make some progress on my FYP~! =p

Thursday, March 12, 2009

4th Year, 6th Rotation = OBGYN

My first week of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBGYN) rotation is almost over now, and surprisingly I felt the week is going by so quickly!
This rotation has the longest hours and it has been very very tiring, but I am enjoying every second of it and I find it very interesting. Oh, and I have so much to tell!

Monday was the first day, as usual we were floating around as to get ourselves familiarized with the new surrounding. Thus, nothing much going on on the first day.. except for tutorials.

Tuesday was OPD (clinics). Antenatal clinics in the morning (~220 patients!! Because next Tuesday is a bank holiday, thus it was a double clinic). I made a mistake of not having any breakfast and I only had the chance to grab a quick bite at 3.30pm!! In the afternoon was gynae clinic which was not so bad.

Wednesday, the doctor I am attached to had Miscarriage clinics, a highly sensitive matter, thus I wasn't needed there, so all I did was took a few histories from patients. In the afternoon, I was in gynae theatre and I got to scrubbed in to assist on the procedures: hysteroscopies and D&Cs, an ablation, mirena insertion and lap BSO.

Today is the best day ever in my history of 4 years in medical school! =P. Well, may have an element of exaggeration there.. But I did get to see loads of things and has been a really educational day for me. In the morning, I was in the labour ward. Got to observe and assist on couple of deliveries. It was a very hectic day in the labour ward today. Cases of induced labour, vacuum delivery, fetal distress, IUGR and acidotic baby all in one day! Then, we were called up to the wards to see a patient who had a 3rd degree tear 5/52 post natal and the patient has PPD! It was such a long consult and a very emotional one. Next, a midwive made a good call of a PPH and the patient passed 1.5L of blood (an emergency in the middle of the ward!). Lucky for me to see and assist in the management of the patient, but definitely unlucky for her to bleed so heavily. Then, I spent the whole afternoon in the ultrasound room. The very first case was a Type 1 Diabetic G1P0 19 yo with a fetus suspected of dextrocardia, AVSD, pericardial effusion - the whole lot! Poor girl and poor baby.. She is to see a paeds cardio for further investigations and review. The last case for the day was a polyhydramnios, the procedure of amnioreduction of ~2.7L was carried out, and I was the one holding the bucket!

A cute 6 yo boy was in the USS room with his mom, granny n big bro, looking at the screen. He was such a charmer and very smart, and he knows exactly what he was looking at. He was asking stuff like, "is that the head?," "i know that's the hand cos i can see the little fingers," and "the baby is lying like this cos i can see the baby's spine!".. But the most shocking question was, "is the baby in small little pieces, mummy?" Adorable!! And he wants a baby boy so he can play with. The big bro n the rest of the family wants a girl for an obvious reason~!

Now, this may be the longest entry on medical stuff. I must really like this rotation to go on and on like this. My doctor said to one of her colleague, "I have a feeling that Hana is going to be an obstetrician one day~!" LOL. Well, I am definitely considering this as my 1st option! =D. Oops, or maybe I shouldn't say that too soon, because I haven't done Paeds yet, I may change my mind then.. *wink*. I am glad that my first choice of electives in Ampang Hospital in June is OBGYN.

p/s: I apologize to my non-medical readers, too many short forms and medical terms... Truly am sorry!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's been a while..

I actually have 2 drafts following my last post, but I don't know what happened..

What have I been up to? Hmm, since Urology and Vascular surgery, there was the Data Interpretation Exam which was quite challenging.. Well, exams are challenging in general and this one is definitely not an exception.

2 days after exam was the due date for Psychiatry Dissertation. I was almost done with the paper about a month before, but I don't know what went through my head, I decided to change to another patient's case for the write-up. Crazy, I know.. So, I had to type out 2500 words, which wasn't so bad, I think.. Owh, and I baked an apple pie the night before handing in the assignment!! Yummm...

That weekend, went up to Dublin with the girls to visit our friend and her baby.. and we rented a car and drove up to Belfast.. Well, actually we didn't get that far, just up until Banbridge for shopping, of course.. =p

So now, I'm in good ol' Cork, just ended our last lecture block (weee~!!) and will be starting new rotation this Monday..

Snow in March.. hmmmm...

p/s: I will do my best to update regularly.. I promise..