Thursday, May 27, 2010


Battling with this cranky lil cheeky monkey. I won! Well, singing barney n joyride in the pram won really. Isn't he just adorable! -SonyE-

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Breathe (2 am) - Anna Nalick (cover)


It's been ages since I last played, so forgive me for any mistakes.. =)

House for rent

Spacious and lovely house on Wilton Road up for rent starting August/September.

6 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, large kitchen and large backyard with living/dining area.
Parking spaces available.
Convenient for UCC students (Health Sciences students especially), in between CUH and Brookfield. 7 mins walk to CUH and 7 mins walk to Brookfield.
Also suitable for family or professionals.

No 8 and no 5 bus route, easy access to city center.
MediCentre and Pharmacy are just across the street.
Dennehy's cross church, Coffee Station and Tesco Express are few steps away.

If you are interested, kindly leave your email address or any other form of contact details. I will get back to you with landlord's contact details (he is a very lovely man).

Thank you!

Front of the house with view of the church at the back

p/s: will try to upload more pictures of the house.. if i can find them.. =P

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Only one word to describe this...

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~!!!! =DD!

Do you like the new layout? hehe
You can start commenting on my posts again! Yeayh~!
Oh, and I've signed up on Nuffnang too!
Do click at the sidebars to follow my blog and if you wanna exchange links, I'm more than happy to do so! =D

Friday, May 21, 2010

Where should I start..??

Sorry readers, for the lack of updates!

So, since my birthday (almost a month ago), I have finished my exams and I have got the results!
Alhamdulillah, thank God the Almighty, I MADE IT!!! 1 yr premed + 5 yrs of medschool is officially DONE!

Results were out last Tuesday (almost a week after last exam), and I got more than I hope for.. I cried my eyes off looking at the result and a friend was asking whether it was a happy or sad tears.. Thank you to my study-group mates.. U girls rock! and of course thank you to my parents and family who always thought of me in their prayers.. as well as warm wishes from friends.. I LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!
Now, I am Dr. Farah Hana Husein (MB BCh BAO).. alhamdulillahhh..

Since the last day of exam, I have been out and about.. active socially with loads of activities, and visiting the gym (tho not as often as i should). Gotta lose some kgs before graduation day!! *excited*
oh, and mum n dad r coming over soon!! *double excitement*

Now, I have to start packing my stuff for shipping, spring cleaning the house and wait for mum n dad to arrive!!!

p/s: have so many songs to play n sing.. but dunno where to start!! help!! (leave request if u do have any in the chatbox tab. thnx!