Saturday, June 28, 2008

Terengganu.. always in my heart..

Hey peeps~!

I just got back from my parents' hometown, Terengganu. Kg Undang, Kuala Terengganu to be exact. My Mummy actually lives there, taking care of my nephew, who goes to school there.
I'm living with my Dad, my brother and my sister and her family here in our house in KL. So, I'll be traveling back and forth between KL and KT.

My maternal grandpa posing for the cam

Went back to KT on Sunday (21st) and drove back to KL on Friday (27th). The main activity I did in KT was, of course.. EATING!!! I love the food there.. Nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, laksam, kuih akok, puteri mandi and etc.. Heavennnnn~~! =P. Surely I've gained a few pounds after only one and a half week back from Ireland.. *sigh*

Our own "Starbucks" aka Kedai Kopi Tok Esah

Apart from eating, we did go to other places.. Pasar Payang is a must! It has become a "habit" really to buy myself a kaftan everytime I go to Pasar Payang. Hehe. If any of you guys are planning to go to KT, please do visit Pasar Payang.. and don't miss out on trying the cendol outside the building.. delicious~! But sadly, I went there on a weekday, so the stall wasn't there. *sob sob*
Mum & Dad browsing around

Mum & I outside Pasar Payang

The next day, my parents and I went to Lake Kenyir. It was my first time there, and truly it was really breathtaking! Again, if you're planning to go there, I would recommend of going to Pengkalan Sungai Gawi, take a boat ride for island hopping. You should also go to the dam and witness the serenity of the place.. simply amazing~! I would definitely go there again.

The clear-green water of Kenyir

Dad, Mum & the view from the Dam

I'm going back to KT next month.. and I was hoping to go to one of the islands off the coast line.. Till next time~!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Movie Nite

Going back to Terengganu tomorrow..
And tonight we're having a sleepover at my house.. Just the 3 of us (my crazy cousin, my dear bf and myself) hehehe
We watched movies (Juno & Austin Powers) while eating McD's french fries dipped in Chocolate Sundae.. haven't tried that? U should!! Or as an alternative, try fries with milk shakes.. yummy~! =P

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Heylo peeps~!

Yep! I'm back in good ol' MALAYSIA!!! wuuhuuuu~!
Arrived on Wednesday morning (7.15 touchdown - 10 mins earlier than ETA). My Dad, my sister and my nephew, Adam, and Mr. Irwan were waiting for my arrival in KLIA. =) *happiness*

Enjoying my new room now. Pink-painted room by Daddy and new double bed! =D
AND.. I'm using a brand-new-LCD-monitor that we just bought earlier today.. hehe. Owh, for those who does not know, my beloved 4 year old IBM laptop's monitor is broken. This laptop has been really good to me for the past 4 yrs and I never had to reboot it, not even once. Still in a good condition, except the monitor. Hence, the brand-new-monitor.. *wink*

Okay, here's the thing fellow bloggers.. My guitar here in Malaysia is broken, due to the multiple banging by my Mummy. Nope, she's not a rocker.. she used to mop my room and hit the guitar and made it hit the floor so many times.. *sigh*. Obviously, she is not a big fan of mine.. =P.
Thus, I can't promise any songs to be recorded until I find myself a new guitar.. (I hope), or maybe someone out there wants to lend me a guitar for 2 and a half months? Anyone? =P

Summer Vacation 2008

Sorry for the delay guys. Was pretty busy in Cork, you know, with last-minute packing and a little bit (I repeat, a little bit) of last-minute cleaning up of the house, at the same time entertaining my cousin.. hehe. Thus, the delay in updating regarding our little back-packing trip.

So, here's my vacation summary:

6-10th June - went to Galway, accompany my friend during the weekend because her husband had to attend a course. Most of the time, we were in front of the TV playing Wii.. hahaha (I miss Mr. Mario in Mario Galaxy.. seriously!)

Mr. Mario's getting high.. =P

10-11th June - went to Dublin, pick up my cousin from the airport and spent one night in Dublin. The next day just walking around Dublin city center.. went to St. Stephan's Green park, Trinity College, RCSI etc and did some window shopping. Our flight to Brussels on the same day ETD 17:55. In Brussels, arrived quite late, straight away checked-in in the oh-so-gorgeous B&B, Albert's Inn.
Scaring off the swan by trying to be like one. =P

12th June - Sight-seeing in Brussels. Went to Grotte Market, Mannekin Pis, went on the Hop-on Hop-off bus sight-seeing tour, the Atomium.. It was enjoyable, but would have been fantastic if it wasn't raining.. And it was freezing cold!

Grotte Market

Mannekin Pis

13th June
- Day trip to Amsterdam. 10am train to Amsterdam. Walk along Damrak street. Went into a museum (not telling which.. haha), walk along Warmoesstraat, the R.L.D. of Amsterdam =P, took a cruise ride along the canals of Amsterdam. Took the 9pm train back to Brussels.

Damrak Street, Amsterdam


14th June - slept at the train station while waiting for the 4.30 am bus to Brussels Charleroi airport for flight back to Dublin. Took the bus back to Cork..

That was it peeps.. a short summarization of the whole trip. Enjoyed it pretty much.. except the weather wasn't on our side really. All in all, it was a memorable trip.. *wink*

Want more pictures? If you are in my friend list in Friendster, do request for viewing my private photos.. =). If not, I'll be uploading those pictures somewhere soon.. =D


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back in Cork


Just arrived in Cork and just checked my result.. =). Good news! Don't have to come back early in August (i.e. I PASSED 3rd Med~!!) hehe

Arrived around 5pm.. and this girl, called my cousin who has just been away from Malaysia for 2 weeks already misses her rice and chicken curry!! Being the good cousin that I am, I cooked just what she wanted.. hehe (bangga kan ada cousin mcm Kak Hana, adik?) =P

Have to go now.. going off to Tesco.. will update later, with pictures~! =)


Thursday, June 5, 2008

The One I've Never Met

This is a picture of my youngest nephew, Muhammad Adam Muzafar. The entire of his 8 months of existence, he has never met his auntie who is studying all the way in Ireland. He is, one of the many reasons why I am looking forward to go back home this summer.

I have now 6 nephews and 5 nieces, plus 2 step-nephews. =)
I know I'm going to burn a hole in my pocket to get them presents every year, but I love them nevertheless.. =)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy 5th Anniversary!!!

Dear Mr. Irwan Kamarull,
Just wanna wish us Happy 5th Anniversary!!!! =D
Hope there will be many many more years to come, until the end of time.. =)

Just a little trip down memory lane, I remembered our first fight during our first year of relationship.. I can't remember what we fought about (=P) but our "first song" resolved the misunderstanding.. didn't it dear? =)

So, I decided to play and record this song, as a 'present' for our anniversary...
This is Evanescence's Bring Me to Life, acoustic version.. =)

"Frozen inside without your touch, without your love, darling..
Only you are the life among the dead..."

p/s: It couldn't get any mushier than this, because my Dad might be reading... hahahaha (just kidding)