Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goodbye Cork... *sobs*

I just finished packing my luggage and sealed my last box. So all together I have 3 large boxes and 1 medium box to be shipped off. It really is a challenge to pack 6 years of life and ship it halfway across the globe.

Definitely going to miss everything about Cork.. the small city but has almost everything u want, the 4 seasons, the friendly people that would hold the doors for you and you can smile to anyone passing by you, everything is within walking distance and half an hour walk is possible. My beautiful university, which I am proud to say that I graduated from. My classmates, my teachers and even the staff..

And most of all, I am going to miss my family here.. The Carriglea Girls.. No more birthday celebrations, no more chit chatting and gossiping, no more cooking together in the huge kitchen, no more shared tears and laughters, no more game nights.. and baby J!! *sobs sobs*

To those who are staying and working here starting 1st of July, ALL THE BEST and I know you girls are very capable and competent. And to those who are going back, see you in Malaysia and GOOD LUCK working in a new environment!!

p/s: Hope I won't cry too badly at the airport in a few hours time..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day!!

Daddy's girl.. ;)

Strawberry Spongecake for Daddy's Day. Vanilla spongecake with whipped cream & sliced fresh strawberries in center. Whipped cream topping with glazed strawberry jam and whole strawberries on top. Oh! and choc rice for side deco. =)

My greatest present for you, Daddy.. a medical degree.. & of course 150ml of Hugo Boss EDT. *wink*

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dad & Mum in Ireland Part 3 - Graduation Week

This week was really chaotic!!! Since the girls and their families arrived, the only time I rested was during sleep! But all the sweats and muscle aches were all worth it! Happy times~~! =D

After all the cleaning up and picking them up from the airport & bus station, my parents & I went to Fota the next day with Mas & family.. Dad & the Cardiologist went for a round of golf and the rest of us went to Fota Wildlife Park! It was a really great place for an afternoon walk, seeing all the wildlife, touched a llama AND I got to spend time with the little boy!! (not gonna cry.. not gonna cry... breathe.. breathe..). Won't be seeing him until I dunno when... *sobs*. I've seen him grown not just for the past 1 and a half years, even when he was still inside the womb, I watched him grow... OK, change the subject!!!

Anyway, the next day we had a pre-graduation photo session with AizzouraPhotography, as a graduation present from the Doctor (thank you Kak Sus! We love you!!). It wasn't easy to be a model.. Posing is harder than you think it is.. HAHA. So u can imagine, we had salon appointments in the morning, facials and mani-padi, make up etc before the photo shoot. And we had our International Pre-Graduation Dinner afterwards, tiring~!! But again, it was all worth it.. *wink*
Gg & I getting ready for photo-shoot

Us @ the dinner

The next day then was GRADUATION DAY, yeayh~! Again, very very very tiring day but HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY times~!! =D

more photos will be uploaded in Facebook

After graduation, we had our 3rd photo-session for studio pictures. And followed by BBQ with all the families. Mum cooked nasi dagang, Kak ya's family cooked Laksa Sarawak for the main course. Yummy~~!!
The next day, Mum went to Killarney & Tralee with the others and I spent the day with Dad in city center followed by another dinner gathering in Carriglea.

Okay, that's a long one.. I better get going, Dad is giving me the look signaling it's time I have to continue my packing.. *sigh*


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Project with Mum

The girls are back in Cork, so the three of us were cleaning up the house the whole day to welcome the girls and their families. But before we started mopping & vacuuming (and Dad cleaning the front & backyard), we henna-ed our hair using LUSH's Caca Noir . I've been using this product for a few years now and I LOVE it! You need effort to put it on and to wash it off but it is all worth it.. *wink*. It leaves your hair shiny and smooth, just like post-salon treatment (no kidding!).

The down-sides are it will create a mess and the smell sticks with you for couple of days.. but I love it nonetheless.. =)
The other down-side is the fact that LUSH is not in Malaysia.. *sobs* (the nearest shop is in the Philippines!!) huhuhuhu.. Guess I need to stock up and ship them to Malaysia.. *sigh*

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dad & Mum in Ireland Part 2

We started our tour around Ireland on Wednesday. Left Cork after brunch and drove up to Dublin. We spent a night there in Abbott Lodge on Lower Gardiner St, just off O'Connell St. It was a really decent place and was really close by to the Spire and Henry St. We did a little bit of shopping, had coffee, continue shopping and had briyani for dinner @ Madina. =)

The next day, left Dublin after breakfast and head up to the OUTLET in Banbridge. It was heaven-on-earth for Mum & me but a living-hell for Dad! LOL. Dad allocated 2 hrs for shopping but we were there for almost 6 hrs!! How time flies when you're shopping! So we bought some duvet covers from Sanderson, GAP for nephews and for myself of course, and we spent hours and hours in Clarks and went in other shops as well (you can click the link for the list of shops there). So Banbridge gave Dad headaches and left him with thinner wallet. *wink*

After Banbridge, we went up to Belfast and spent the night there. We went to Queen's University and drove around city center and passed by the port where the Titanic was built. We stayed in Holiday Inn Express, nearby Queen's University and had world's greatest fish & chips (they claimed it themselves) heh. I had the scampi instead. =P

The next day after breakfast, we headed up to county Antrim up to the Giant's Causeway. It was breathtaking~! Even when the weather wasn't really on our side, it was still worth all the hours spent driving up north.
From Giant Causeway, we headed towards Galway on the same day. We drove through Londonderry city and stop by for lunch.. we had Fillet 0'Fish from McD!! haha. *don't forget to ask for toasted buns for Halal, my Muslim friends*. We also stopped by Sligo town for Dad's cigarette break and to empty out our bladders. heh.

Arrived in Galway quite late and had some trouble finding Ocean Crest B&B on Salthill because we did not have the city map and the roads are really confusing. But it was a really nice place with serene view of the Galway Bay. For dinner, we had Indian cuisine as we are all had enough of fish & chips. (we can't live without rice really) =P. With our full stomach, we did a quick drive-thru Galway's city center and too tired and full to stop for pictures. *sobs*

The next day after breakfast, we took a walk along the waterfront on Salthill before heading off to Cliffs of Moher. The routes to the cliffs from Galway was unbelievable!! Although the road was really bad (poor Dad had to drive all the way), but the scenery was indescribable!

From the cliffs, we stopped by Limerick and visited the landlady I stayed with during my ENT rotation in 4th year and Surgery rotation in March. She made us a really nice home-cooked meal and had a really great time chatting with her. After we said our goodbyes, we headed back to Cork and ended our "Touring Ireland in 4 days".

We literally go AROUND the island driving with no GPS.. all we had was a good driver (my Dad is 65, mind you.. and he drove by himself all the way) and a great map reader with great sense of direction (that's ME!) =P

Our route in RED

*pictures will be uploaded later. anyone has Sony MSPro card reader that I can borrow??*

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Marmalade Sponge Cake

Baked this for a dinner at a friend's house.
It's vanilla spongecake with marmalade layer in the center, butter cream for covering and Clementine and choc rice for decoration. =)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dad & Mum in Ireland Part 1

Visit to UCC

English Market ... those oysters look yummy!

Beach in Kinsale

Group picture

the little boy enjoying the sand, sea and sun..

Rahim Razali & Amitabh Bachan look-alike

Daddy's daily activity.. hehe. Glad I bought it.. =)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekend in Tralee

This is a delayed post.. I was in Tralee last weekend with friends and the little cheeky boy.. It was a great weekend even when the weather was not really on our side. It was a weekend full of good food and great company~! =)

A beach in Tralee (can't remember the name).. ignore the pretzel stick please.. =P

Tennis in Tralee.. I was bullied by the Cardiologist of course... first time playing after 6 years!!! (well, Wii doesn't count)

Pose for the camera~!!

This was way back in May in Inchydoney... =)

p/s: Ireland is a really nice place for holidays when I don't have to think about exams.. *wink*

pp/s: mum & dad are here!!!! Yeayyhhh!! pictures and posts will be updated when I can figure out how to function my sister's camera. heh.