Thursday, August 30, 2012

It seems so real now. I just realized I've been in denial these past few months. But now the ticket has been bought, it seems so real..

I've left him for 6 whole years before and now 3 months without him is only going to be a fraction of what he felt before. Now I don't know whether I can go through 3 months without him.. I am going to miss him.. so damn much.. ;((

I love u, Mr Hubby...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hello peeps!

9 months is such a long hiatus, isn't it? I do miss blogging. Busy Schmusy..
So just to summarise the past 9 months:

 1. I've completed 2 postings (A&E and Orthopaedic)
- I took one month unpaid leave for the wedding, hence the delay. hehe
- so I only have to do Paeds rotation last.. huhu :(
- A&E was the best rotation! Tiring yet beneficial.
- Ortho was blueerrgghh (is that even a word).. the only good thing about that rotation is that I made a clique consisting all the crazy ppl who loves to eat and sing! hehe. (I miss uolls!!)

2. I went to several mini holidays with Mr Hubby in and around Malaysia - up north around Perlis and Langkawi, as well as Melaka. We also had a family getaway to Krabi with the in-laws. ;)

3. And I started wearing veil in December. :). A change for the better, I hope..

4. Oh! And my cat, PB gave birth to 2 adorable kittens about a month ago (4 actually, but the other 2 didn't make it) and the other cat, CHat just gave birth to 3 kittens this morning!!! Yeayhh!!

Monday, August 13, 2012


The Honeymoon.. Destination: Bali, Indonesia Perfect getaway... The private villa with pool, the cultural shows, the food, the scenery..
Would definitely go there again someday.. ;)


The groom's side reception.. Getting to know the extended family and hubby's friends..
Then later that night we had an outdoor photoshoot session.. Tired? Yes! But it was all worth it! ;)


The fairy-tale wedding... :) Everything I dreamt of.. The white dress, the horse-ride, the garden-style wedding, the swing, no rain.... and MY DREAM GUY! Hehehe. Alhamdulillah..


The day I became Mrs Irwan Kamarull.. :))))
I know this is so delayed.. 9 months delaaayyy!!! Oh my goodness.. haha Sorry my lovelies.. ;)