Saturday, February 21, 2009

4th Year, 5th Rotation = 3rd week - Urology

Urology week has just ended. It was enjoyable, I would say.. I was just hoping that I could spend more time in theatre. I only saw a prostectomy! I had to missed a nephrectomy and an orchidectomy for tutorial.. *sigh*

I'm starting Vascular surgery next week for only 3 days!! Then I have an exam on Wednesday.. Wish me luck~!

Monday, February 16, 2009

25 random things you might not know about me..

This is actually from Facebook..

1. My name in my birth cert was Farah Hani Husein (my sister's name). My Dad didn't realized his mistake until he came home and showed the cert to my siblings. He had to go back and change the 'I' to 'A'

2. My zodiac is Taurus and I was born in the year of Ox.. hmmm..

3. I was an unplanned baby, nevertheless, still am 'the baby'.. =P

4. When I was 7, I wanted to become a clerk. Then, I wanted to become an Entertainer when I was 12. Medicine only crossed my mind when I was 17/18..

5. I represented my secondary school in Debate, Public speaking, Choral speaking.. the whole lot..

6. I represented my secondary school in Bowling (played in State-level) and Tennis..

7. I was a teacher's pet.. rephrase, teachers' pet.. =P

8. I was offered to do Engineering in Japan/Korea after high-school.

9. I am the only one in the family doing medicine.. everyone else is either doing Engineering, Business or Culinery Art..

10. I plan/foresee myself getting married at 25 and have 4 children.

11. I'm such a sucker for tall, fair, lanky guys.. =P

12. My body weight fluctuates easily..

13. I'm too nice (ha ha).. but seriously, I can't say no to ppl and I can talk for hours with the elderlies..

14: I have 5 nieces, 7 nephews and 2 step-nephews (my sister's stepsons).

15. I snack too much

16. I have never been single since I was 16

17. The Sims is my favourite PC game and Final Fantasy 9 is simply the best~!

18. I think wolves are the most beautiful creature.

19. I can drive (manual & auto cars) but I don't have a license.

20. Cooking is my getaway from reality.. Baking is the perfect holiday..

21. I wanna go to Santorini or the Maldives for honeymoon.. =P

22. I started playing guitar since 11.. but I could never remember the chords for the songs I've played.

23. I love the movie Armageddon.. Watched it so many times and I would cry each and everytime without fail..

24. I'm addicted to coffee.. I love Blackforest Mocha Ice-Blended from CBnTL, Iced Caramel Macchiato and Dark Cherry Mocha from Starbucks.. Owh, and Milky Latte from Nescafe machines. =D

25. It took me over a week to type this out...

Monday, February 9, 2009

4th Year, 5th Rotation = ENT aka Otorhinolaryngology

Wow.. that is mouthful!
Anyway, I'm on my 2nd and last week of my ENT rotation here in Limerick (it's freaking cold here btw)...
How do I feel about this rotation? Hmm, I'm kinda enjoying it so far.. Apart from the fact that I have to see wax (oops, I mean cerumen) everyday.. =P
I guess this subject is important especially if you're going down the GP lane.. You'll be seeing ENT cases everyday in your practice, so a good knowledge base on ENT is going to be in handy..

Btw, I saw a tracheostomy tube being cleaned and changed last week.. not a pretty sight and definitely not a good experience for the patient..

And my first experience of a very rude patient in OPD.. How dare she, to be calling the sweetest and nicest nurse ever, a B*tch!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Spring, where art thou?

Brrrr.... it's cold!

Regards from Limerick,

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, dear~!!

Before leaving off to Limerick, just would like to wish my dear Irwan, a Happy 24th Birthday!! His birthday is tomorrow (2nd Feb) but it's already 12 midnite in Malaysia so, it's valid right? =P

Loadsa love,


Introducing, the first-born of Kak Mas & Cha, the first-born of the Carrigleans, the first-born of the girls in UCC Medicine Class of 2010, and my 1,2,3,4... countless nephew!! =P *drum rolls*

Baby Jood aka Spacecop Gaban~!! =D

The most anticipated event for us here in Cork (well, not just among Malaysians.. our classmates are excited too~!!) was the birth of this adorable-huggable-kissable 3.3kg baby boy! Born on the early dawn on the 30th of January, this 2-day-old boy had captivated the hearts of many...

Baby Jood sleeping peacefully..

Baby Jood & Aunty KaHan