Sunday, March 30, 2008


My dearest friend, Masliyana Husin is now officially Mrs. Sazzli Shahlan Kassim.. The "akad nikah" was earlier today, Sunday (30th March).. correction to my post "For Kak Mas".. I wrote there it's on the 31st.. hehehe.. sorry Aimee! =P

We watched a live broadcast through webcam of the memorable event! And we were all in our traditional clothing, just the top tho.. the bottom part were just our PJ pants.. =P. Well, most of the time we just looked at some aunties' butts.. but it was worth it! (hahaha) Just a glimpse of Chali and Mas's veil once in a while.. Then, Iylia went to the laptop and brought the laptop to the bride and the groom! We were so delighted to see them! Mas was sooo pretty!!! And guess what, most of us cried at that very moment!! And Aimee snap a cool picture the second there were on the screen! Damn cool!Just wanna wish Kak Mas, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Quoting Yusma, you're the trend-setter, the pioneer and the index case of this marriage disease.. hahaha.. We can't wait to see you this weekend! yipppeee~~

p/s: thanx for coming over during the weekend Miss Nik Aimee Azizah a.k.a Kak Mimi Jijah (hahahaha).. It was fun having you around! Please do come again okay?? *mwahx*

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today is our first ever Cork Games!! woohooo~~

Just wanna congratulate all the committee members of Cork Games for the hard work organizing this event. The girls had netball tournament and the lads had a football tournament. People came all over Ireland (I mean, Dublin, Galway and Belfast) and we had a blast.

The weather was not a blast tho.. According to the weather forecast, it is an "angry-looking-weather" here in Cork!! And yep, I'm telling you.. we had all 4 seasons in just one day!! It was windy, sunny and hailing on the day we were playing outside.. isn't it great? hahaha. I just hope our immune system is strong enough to fight colds and flus after spending the whole day in that weather.

I played netball in a team called "Ape2 Je", thanx to Dayah (C) for the name which Feesha (GS) and myself just agreed on.. =P. The rest of our team includes (L-R) Sehana, Dayah Hamdi, Diyana, GG, and Pat (not in the picture). I was the GD (goal defense) for the whole 6 games.. Owh, and we won 3rd place.. after Galway and Belfast.. There was a little (little? hmm..) drama before and during the final game between Galway and Belfast.. Not worth mentioning here.. =P.
Owh, and one of the juniors (she's a 1st year Dentistry student here in Cork) busted her knee pretty badly and had to be taken away by an ambulance.. poor her.. Get well soon, Nad!~
The lads did not even had the chance to finish their games due to the horrific weather.. they'll continue the tournament this weekend in Dublin..In summary, I had fun!! Spending time with my friends, bonding with the juniors, and meeting new and "different" kind of people.. =D

Thursday, March 27, 2008

If u could only c

Just feel like playing and posting this song.. This is Tonic's If You Could Only See..
I think this is a really cruel song.. It is the meanest way to tell someone that your relationship is over, which is because of a third person.. I'd be damned if I were to be given this song by anyone, really...
Nevertheless, it is still a great song, don't you think? hahaha..
Enjoy~~ =)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Miss my GP already....

Okay, so now I'm back in Cork for 2 weeks before having to go back to Clonmel again.. I've only been back for 3 days, and I'm starting to miss Clonmel already! =). To be honest, I wasn't that keen on leaving the comfort of my own house before, but now I have to admit that I do miss the small, peaceful and quiet town of Clonmel..

One of the things that I miss, is the comfortable double bed I slept in.. =P. Yeah, I've promised pictures right? So, here you go.. =P. This is only half of the room!! The fact that the bathroom is en-suite with hot water 24/7 leaves me no reasons not to brush my teeth everynight before going to bed.. hehehe. (It's not as if the bathroom in my house here in Cork is that far away from my room.. It's just next door.. but still, the water is freezing cold most of the time!!! =P). The name of the B&B is the Green Acres, if you're interested.. If I'm not mistaken, I think it's Euro30 per nite per person.. Highly recommended.. =D.

The next thing that I'm definitely going to miss is the GP! He's such a nice man and I've learned (or learnt if you're British) a great deal from him! Got to do loads of things too! My first phlebotomy, first ECG performed on a real patient, first "exposure" to Gynaecology (if u know what I mean.. hihih), first intramuscular injection, playing with adorable children etc.. It was such a great experience.. And Dr. Lynch is a really great GP! My partner and I gave him a Thank You card and a box of chocolate on our last day there, and he gave me a peck on the cheek!! I was quite surprised! hehehe. *blush2*.

Actually, I just finished unpacking (after 3 days.. finally!! =P). I guess that shows my unwillingness of coming back to Cork.. hahaha.. I mean, I do miss Cork, and my friends too.. Ah, well.. we won't get everything we want right?

In summary, all the headaches from motion sickness of traveling back and forth every week by bus, all the hassle of packing and unpacking are all worth it! I enjoyed every second I was in the GP's, although there are other things going on through my life that is not on it's top form, I still manage to make the best out of things.. As usual, crying myself to sleep the night before, and put on my smile and being the happy-go-lucky me the next day... =).

Thursday, March 20, 2008

For Kak Mas...

My dearest house-mate, Mas went back to Malaysia last Monday.. She's getting married at the end of this month.. I cried saying goodbye to her when she was leaving the house.. huhuh.. The next time I'll see her, she will be Mrs Chali.... I really wish I could go to her wedding... I am truly happy for her.. =')

Mas was my roommate when we were in premed here in Ireland. And we've been housemates since. We were there for each other (and the other 4 girls of Carriglea) thru our ups n downs for these past years. Especially during premed, it was the hardest time to go thru as it was our first time being away from home. The studying part wasn't that bad tho.. =P. Loads of things happened, I am glad to share them with a really special person like Mas. We made it this far, didn't we kak Mas? =D.

I witnessed the seeding of her relationship with her fiance, thanks to our interest in guitar. *wink*. I also watched how the relationship bloomed to what it is now.. =).

I have to confess, that I Love You Kak Mas!!! hahahahahah..
Seriously, I love her for being the great friend that she is. Her optimism gives me the strength that I need whenever I was down.. and in return, all I could give is only my ears whenever she needs someone to talk to or even my shoulders to cry on once in a while (but I think I cried on her shoulders more than she did on mine =P).

I am so happy for you, Kak Mas! I wish you good luck on the wedding day (31st March)! =P and Congratulations!!! Chali must be really proud to marry someone so special, so optimistic, so bright and so pretty... (don't get any ideas now... I'm straight ok? =P)
Hope our friendship will grew stronger, regardless that you're being "taken" away by Chali.. hehehe. And to Chali, don't be selfish! We need her as well!!!! hahahahaha...

Oh, before I go, just wanna include a video. This is Evanescence's My Immortal by me..

p/s: I would like to dedicate this song to Kak Mas.. I'm broken hearted.... hehehhehe. just kidding.. =P

Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Summary..

Hey there,

I'm back in Clonmel again, on my 3rd week now. I'm supposed to be studying here in the dining area in the B&B with my partner, but instead I'm posting this blog. =P

Had a good weekend in Cork.. Friday night, I went for a movie with the girls, we watched 10 000 BC. We love the movie!! I think it's worth it to watch it in the cinema. Well, that's my opinion. Some may think otherwise, depends on your expectation I guess.. Cause I never heard and do not know anything about the movie until the girls mentioned it to me and asked me to tag along.. And I very much enjoyed it! =D

Went to the gym twice this weekend! (woohoo~~).. It's my payback mechanism of not being able to attend dance classes anymore.. *sob sob*. Well, actually... had a 3 days weekend because of St. Paddy's Day! hehehe.. Didn't go to the parade this year, had to pack my stuff. I asked an Irish guy (purely random) at the bus station earlier on about the parade, and he said it was a disappointment.. Glad didn't go then.. =P

that's it for now..

later peeps~~

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Back in Town..

Hey peeps..

Just got back from Clonmel. Where and what is Clonmel? Well, it's a small town/country side about 2 hrs bus ride away from Cork.. I'm gonna be there for the next 2 months!! Well, I'll b in Cork during weekends and easter break.. (2 weeks of hols! weee~~). I'm doing my GP rotation now for 3 weeks, then hols, then 4 weeks of hospital rotation there as well..

Clonmel is great really.. It is a small, quiet and peaceful town. The real epitome of this green island. Those pictures u c in postcards from Ireland, green green grass and sheeps!! =D
My partner and I are staying in a B&B owned by one of the receptionists in the GP's. I got a huge room all to myself!! (will include pictures later, remind me to bring my cam ok? hehe). There are 2 beds in the room, one double and one single.. n en-suite bathroom!! Love my room!! Quite hard to get up from bed in the morning.. =P

The GP is a really nice man! He loves to teach us, well at least that's the impression we got. hehe. We're lucky to have him as our GP. =D. One of my biggest fear before going to Clonmel was their accent. Even in Cork, sometimes I have problems with the accent (especially when my Irish partner couldn't understand them as well!!! Just imagine.. fuhhh~). But it turns out the accent there is much much clearer than Cork's!

I'm here in Cork during weekends, and will head off to Clonmel again tomorrow.. So, that's going to be my routine for the next 2 months. Wish me luck~~

Before signing off, just wanna include a video.. haven't posted a song for a while now.. =P.
This is Avril's Nobody's Home.. Enjoy~~

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Newspaper cutting

so there u go! our picture on page 19 of the social section, Evening Echo (Wednesday 20th Feb 2008)!! *wink*
if u can see, they spell my Dad's name as Jusein instead of Husein.
it's supposed to be Modern Performance, not Prelude.
and the event was Clubs Go Dancing not Dance... (that's what u get when u'r writing short forms on ur notebook, Mr. so-called-journalist!)