Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Visitor in my room..

Yesterday, I was awakened by a visitor in my room at 6 o'clock in the morning!
It was my B&B owners' cat, Haley! =D
She was locked outside and came into my room through my bathroom window.
She was just purring her way out of the room to go to her comfy bedpan.. hehehe
She is adorable! Like most of the cats here in Ireland, overfed, lazy and pampered big-fat fur balls~! =P.
Will include a picture of Haley later.. She made me miss my Nabo back home, my fat-lazy-snobbish-half persian cat~!!

In the meanwhile, introducing Nabo~!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

3rd Celebration!!!

Last night was a BLAST!!!!

Yesterday was supposed to be my turn to cook dinner, so I took out the chicken to defrost.. and I found out that these cheeky girls of Carriglea were laughing behind my back everytime they came into the kitchen and saw the chicken on the counter.. I didn't know until around 5 pm that they've planned to take me out for dinner! (after picking my brain out to decide what's the menu for that night!) =P

But they didn't tell me where they're taking me. And suddenly Chali just came upstairs and tell us to get ready cos he's taking us to Indian Moon! (an Indian take-away) hahaha.. but we're supposed to wear something nice.. (???). And so the 7 of us fitted into Cha's car (and as usual, Mas and I share the front passenger seat) and we arrived in front of this Italian restaurant (Ristonrante Rossini)!! (weeee~~!). Me LOVE Italian food!!

We ordered appetizers, main course and 2 pizzas to share! (yep, big appetite!) but the pizzas are in doggy-bags at the end of the nite!! As Chali put it, we have small stomach! hahaha.. Never mind, we'll eat them for breakfast!! =P. And I got a present from Mas & Chali!!! A purple metallic iPod shuffle!!!! (yippppeeeeee~~~!!) So, another item from the wish list is fulfilled! =D

After the dinner, we went to a coffee shop called Tribes. We had cappucino and cakes!! (although we said we were full, still we have room for dessert! hahaha)

To any of you Carriglea girls (including Chali.. =P) reading this post, I just wanna say... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! A girl could never ask for better friends who know what makes her happy and to go to all the troubles to make her birthday a memorable one! *Hugs & Kisses*

Friday, April 25, 2008

2nd Celebration...!!

Thanx for all the birthday wishes guys~~!! =D

So, yesterday was the real day.. Started off okay.. had my breakfast on my own. I was wearing a flowery pink dress and the B&B owners commented on my dress and asked me what was the occasion, and so I told them.. and I got a free ride to the hospital yesterday as my present! (instead of walking for half an hour!) weeee~~

Arrived in hospital, after an hour session of consultant teaching, I changed into scrubs and off to the OT.. and the anaesthetist straight away asked me to scrub in and do a spinal block!!! I was in obs/gynae theater.. Got to hold loads of airway masks, did loads of cannulations, and did a couple of LMAs. (in conclusion, I love doing anaesthethics in Clonmel!!!)

This one time, I was holding the airway mask.. a quite hard one, cause I have small hands and the size of the patient's jaw was not helpful either. So, I was really concentrating on holding the mask. Then the two nurses beside me was talking to each other.. I heard something about 'her eyes and her lips'.. And so the doctor asked the nurses what were they talking about, and they said something like it can't be said out loud as it might distract someone holding the mask.. (obviously they were talking about me). So after the patient was intubated, one of the nurses said, "We were actually talking about this student here.. We think she looks like Angelina Jolie.."
hahahahha.. and I was blushing from head to toe!! And they started calling me Angelina since! *LOL*

Later that afternoon, or shall I say early in the evening.. after 3 hours straight of tutorial/bedside teaching, we (8 people in my group) went to an Indian restaurant, called Planet Spice.. It was supposed to be our weekly eat-out. First week was Italian, 2nd week was Chinese (I didn't join this one) and this week is Indian.. We had a lovely time of chatting, eating delicious spicy food and laughing away.. and then they bring out the cake!! I didn't expect the cake really!! It was so very nice of them!! And they paid for the dinner!! hehehe. (so I had 2 celebrations and 2 chocolate cakes this year!! yiippppeeee~~!) =P. Oh, and a Polish Intern joined us for dessert!
[pictures will be included later.. I don't have them in my computer yet..]

After 3 hours solid of "dinner" in the Indian restaurant, I went back to the B&B. As I entered my room, I saw a nicely wrapped package and a card on top of my dresser!! I got a present from my B&B owners!! I was smiling the whole day!! I bet I was smiling when I dozed off to bed last night too!! hehehehe.

Oh..Oh..Oh!! and the whole morning today, I was in the OT with the South African guy!!! *drools again*.. and as usual, I did cannulations, hold the masks, and I did one ETT! =D. The South African doctor allowed me to do a cannulation on a patient using a 16 Gage needle! (the biggest one I've ever put in =P). And I succeeded in just one go! and guess what?!! the good-looking doctor patted me on the back and said well-done!!! *droolss again and again*. hahha.
I was scrubbed in again today, and assisted a surgeon on a removal of peri-umbilical hernia. =D. FYI, 3rd year has no surgical rotation yet! hehehe. Cool isn't it?? At least for me.. =P.

So now I'm back in good-old Cork.. Again, for the 2nd time, I'm supposed to be typing out my portfolio, not this blog~~ *sigh*

later peeps~

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Something scary happened to me yesterday morning as I was waiting for the bus to Clonmel. Oh, I took the 10 am bus instead of the 8 am as I had hoped.. and i made it to the tutorial just in time!! =P.

Ok2, back to the story... I was sitting on a bench in the bus station, drinking my coffee while text-ing my Dad and my boyfriend. I was doing my own thing, you know.. without the care of anything in the whole wide world. And I bet my face was like all sour because of the dreadfulness of having to leave Cork.. again..

Suddenly this one Nigerian guy came and sat next to me. If it was an old person (regardless the gender and race), I would have smiled and say hi or maybe commented something about the weather (being the friendly-bubbly-miss-Hana). But in this case, I didn't.. because based on my previous experiences, I've learned my mistake of being too friendly and too nice to people besides my patients.. if u know what i mean..

I was totally ignoring the guy beside me, even when he said hi and how r u.. I just mumbled sumthing under my breath and keep concentrating on my phone. Then, I flip my handphone closed and he started talking to me.. I couldn't find any way to just ignored him totally u know.. I wanted to just call my friend and talk on the phone just to avoid any conversation with that guy.. and it just so happened that my battery was running low!! (talking about perfect timing!!)

So, I talked to him... (have nothing that i could think of to run away from the situation... with my heavy bags and all).. we talked about the usual stuff.. where i'm from.. how long have i been in Ireland, what i'm doing here etc... And when my bus arrived, he started to ask for my number... WTH?? n i just told him that, no.. i don't give out my number to strangers and i have a busy life that i won't have time to make new friends.. but he kept on insisting!!!!!

the scary thing is that i found out that he wasn't even going to ride the bus!!! he said he was just taking a walk when he saw me, and thought I was beautiful and sat right next to me! in the freaking bus station!!! what can a girl do to have her own private moment of solitude in the world??? in the end, after i just ignored his request and about to queue up for the bus, he gave me his phone number and made sure that i saved it in my hp.. and he tried to make me promise to give him a call.. WTF??

FYI, this is not the 1st time this kinda things happened to me.. here in freaking Ireland!!! I thought I was getting away from all these desperate guys when I left Malaysia. and the thing is, if the guys who chatted me up are good looking and young, in another word: eligible.. i would be really damn flattered.. i always attracted weird, old and (sorry to say this..) ugly guys!!! I guess that's the consequences you'll get when u'r too friendly.. *sigh*

okay, enough with the scary stuff. the good stuff now! I'm with anaesthethics this week. and the whole morning today, i was with the oh-so-good-looking South African guy!! hehehehe.. *drools*

okay, enough with all the rants.. I'm supposed to be typing out my port-folio! not this blog~~


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

That's When I Love You - by request

After the celebration (by this I mean after eating the cake! =P) I had to start packing... again.. for the 6 million times.. but tonite was special because Feesha was in the room with me, entertaining me.. heheh.

And we recorded these...

Tuning time.. Introduction: that's Feesha (my camera-woman and back-up singer)!! hehe

And this is for you Faiza! It's not perfect but that's the best I could do in the midst of all these studying, exams, being a nomad etc.. hehehhe


Take 1 - loads of laughing and messing around... =P

Take ?? (I don't know how many takes and still it's not perfect!). Sowweee~~!!

My 23rd Birthday Celebration...

We celebrated my birthday earlier tonight, 2 days in advance! (because I have to leave for Clonmel tomorrow morning...) =D
I got loads of pressies! and most of the the gifts ware listed in my wish list (but they bought them before I wrote the list!!) =P. Me love Carriglea Girls..!! mwahx~!
Well, accept for the 1st 2 items on the list, which are iPod Nano (8Gb) and Pearl Black berry! (hahahahhahahaha)... I wish.. =P

The celebration was mainly in Feesha's room, nice setting with pink balloons and if u can see, Don (Feesha's teddy) was wearing a pink hot pants too! =P
The pressies include:
- a black with diamonds hair clip
- a black dress (which I wore in the pix)
- a pink estee lauder lip gloss
- a traveler's hair straightener
- a picture frame
- a bodyshop's nail polisher

I'm so happy! I'm out of this world! =P.
Thanx girls!! so very much~~!!! love ya loads!!

p/s: I'm going back to Clonmel late than usual because I had a paper at half 4 today, and had to settle a few stuff with med school, and had my blood taken for MMR and VZ status (had to pay 20 euro for that! daymmm~!).. so, I'm taking the 8 am bus tomorrow to Clonmel!! (hopefully..) hehe


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Keep on Smiling... =)

Thanx Daddy for giving me a great name! And I am living up to it.. Farah Hana = double the happiness... =).

Seriously, I can cry this minute and laugh in the next..

No matter what you throw in my way, or what you pierced into my heart.. I'm going to keep on smiling...

No matter how shattered I am inside, I am still going to put on my facade, plaster a smile on my face and acts as if I'm fine.. no, not fine.. great!!

Okay, enough ranting.. back to my thick pharmacology book..


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Geriatrics... again...

So I'm on my 2nd week of hospital rotation here in Clonmel. I'm attached to a new team now, doing geriatrics.. again.. I did geriatrics back in the South Infirmary in Cork in February.. it was a whole month in the South, but now it's just a week.. well, actually it's great here really.. I'm enjoying my week so far.

There was an emergency today. A patient is deteriorating, suffering from respiratory acidosis. GCS was only 3 with low pH and increased level of pCO2 (obviously).. with a background history of Type 2 DM, non-smoker, and history of multiple rib fractures. The patient was gradually deteriorating since she was admitted (last week) and now she is down in the ICU..

Okay, enough about medicine. I was quite "excited" today because there is this one good-looking South African anaesthetists! =P. Hahaha.. And now I'm looking forward for my anaesthetics rotation which is next week! yeayh~! =D. Seeing him in action today gives me another field of medicine to consider for later on in my career.. he he he.. (yeah rite)

Okies.. I'm just ranting now due to my tiredness.. Later~~

p/s: I'm sorry if I bore you with medicine.. well, I'm a full time Medical student and a part-time entertainer, thus the name: MedErtainer... =P

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Linger (The Cranberries) by request

So, here you go Amy.. your request of Linger from the Cranberries..

To tell you the truth, I do like the Cranberries but I never really memorized this song, so I had to look at the lyrics while recording.. hehe..

And I just started playing this song yesterday.. thus the few glitches in the video.. =P (sorry about that!).. plus, it's not a good ending due to the time-limit of the camera.. it only allows 3 mins..

This video was taken just 15 minutes before I had to leave the house for Clonmel.. =D
And the camera was about to fall at the start of he video.. heheh..
Anyway, enjoy~~

p/s: to Faiza, I'm sorry but I think I need more time to learn to play the song you requested. And I don't think it will be anytime soon.. with exams coming up and everything.. maybe after my finals.. Or maybe you would like to request a simpler song?.. hehehe.. (last week was the 1st time ever I listened to "Sempurna" =D)

feel free to drop any other requests! =)

2nd Week in Clonmel.. oops.. 5th week I mean..

It's Sunday again, the most dreadful day of the week..

Well, actually last week wasn't bad at all. Full day almost everyday! Last week my partner and I were attached to a great team! The consultant is a really nice man. We had a diverse team members, the consultant is an Irish, 2 Indians in the team (the registrar and one of the SHO), a New Zealand-er SHO and a Malaysian Intern (and plus 2 Malaysian 3rd meds.. =P).

As usual, followed them for ward rounds in the morning, after lunch break usually we just followed the intern, do some clerking, we did MMSEs, do some phlebotomies and cannulations etc. We also sit in with our consultant during OPD. On Wednesday, our intern was on-call, and we decided to stay in late with her but just until around half 8. It was really cool! There was an emergency-case and I really enjoyed the adrenaline-rush! And it made me feel like I was part of the team, helping them out and all.. I feel needed!! hahaha.. And a patient died and we had to go
pronounce her death.. It was my first time ever to see a patient died. Thought it would be scary, but it was a good experience though.. Wasn't scared at all, even when I had to walk alone back to the B&B at around 10pm in the dark! All the neighbouring houses were dark and quarter of the way, the only light I can see is from the moon and the stars!

Weekend in Cork felt so short! Arrived around 8pm on Friday night, had to unpack, do my laundry and this morning had to pack again and left Cork on the 6pm bus. *sigh* I AM A FREAKING NOMAD!!! You wouldn't wanna see the state of my room in Cork.. *double sigh*

So now I'm back in my room in the B&B. This week we'll be attached to a different team. Wonder how this week will be like... hmmm...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

In Denial...


I have to take the 6 pm bus tonight, and I haven't done packing.. My laundry is still in the dryer.. My assignments have stop progressing since Friday due to all these emotion of not wanting to leave again.. *sigh*

On top of that, SUMMER EXAM IS ONLY A MONTH AWAY!!!! ~breathe Hana breathe...~
Heard that it is going to be a full day everyday in Clonmel.. 8 to 6!! I just hope that I won't be too tired every night after coming back from the hospital so that I can do some studying.. *double sigh*. Oh yeah, and I have an exam on the 21st as well..

Yeah, I know.. all I do is whine.. what did I do during these past 2 weeks of holiday?? I do not have an answer for that..

Seriously, I need a dose of MY anti-depressant.. I'm calling my parents now..


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Big Girls Don't Cry...

This is Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry cover by me..