Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In the Train..

My friend, Azia and I took the train to and back from Dublin. We booked our tickets online for our journey. On our way back to Cork, we made it to the train station just in time to get our tickets and board the train. We booked the best seats, with tables because we had our laptops with us.

So, we board the train, looks for our seats with our over-sized back packs (due to all the shopping). When we arrived at our designated seats (with our names on the LCD), they were a couple and their daughter sitting in our pre-booked seats. So, we did what anyone else would do, tell them politely that they were in our seats, and explained that we had booked our tickets online. We wouldn't have made a big commotion about it if the lady would just apologize and say something like, "my bad", "we didn't know", or "we didn't see the names" etc.. We were pissed off because this lady was so rude and told us that we should have been early so that they could have looked for other seats... ??? WTH?? What was the point of having online booking if you were to come early to get good seats?? Especially when it is Sunday after X-mas holiday.

The thing that ticked me off was a) they were rude to start off with, b) only the father apologized, but not the rude lady c) the fact that she blamed us for being ignorant..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shop 'til I Drop..

1st night in Dublin, meeting up with Didi~!!

What did i do during the holiday?? Well, it was all about shopping and food~!!!
I went to Dublin and hang out with friends. We had our own little X-mas lunch, eating the most delicious roasted chicken I've ever tasted, J. Oliver's style, with potato gratin (yum2! drooling~!)
On Boxing day, we had a little road trip up to Belfast and splurged ourselves on a shopping spree~!! It was a shopping heaven in the UK really, due to the economy glitch (1 euro = 1 pound).. Couldn't hope for more!
It was more beneficial for my friend, who's expecting.. After calculating all the expenses including the petrol and all-stuff-u-need-for-a-newborn, they still save a lot more than shopping in Dublin.. Cool eh?
The next day was the starting of winter sale in Ireland, so another round of impulsivity and recklessness. =P. Some of the x-mas gifts I bought to shower myself with are: Mango jacket; formal wear for clinics from Dorothy Perkins, Zara, Jane Norman; gladiator from Oasis; skinny jeans from DKNY; Givenchy perfumes; Spotlight dress from Warehouse which I had lay my eyes on since April and etc etc etc.. =P
The last night in Dublin, we went to a Japanese restaurant and I had the most filling plate of sushi.. yum2~!
Sushi Moriawase

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Better in Time - Leona Lewis (cover)

Wow~! It has been more than a week since my last entry! Hmm.. Nothing much going on I guess.
I am now home alone. My housemates are all away for the holiday.. I am not going anywhere fancy this year for winter break, just going off to Dublin tomorrow..
So, before heading off, just leaving you guys with a video. Was actually requested by a friend. Enjoy~!

p/s: Enjoy your holiday~!! And for those celebrating, Happy X-mas~!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside...

The weather this time of year always makes me feel like singing this song. I've found a video on YouTube by mss12000, where he sings the male part.. So, this is my duet version with him.. Enjoy~!!

Friday, December 12, 2008


So, I was walking home from dance class on Wednesday night. I was walking alone half way from the Mardyke Arena back home. At this one T-junction near Farranlea Hall, I saw a car turning onto the main street with 5 suspicious-looking guys and the windows rolled down. I had an instinct of something is going to happen. Thank God, they did nothing. Unfortunately, there was a 2nd car behind them and full of uncivilized guys! One of them, who was in the front passenger's seat threw an egg at me.. Thank goodness, I had the instinct and was fast enough to elude the possibility of staining and stinking my brand new Baby Phat jacket!! You don't wanna know what came out of my mouth at that very moment..

Today, I had a meeting with my supervisor in one of the hospitals in the city centre (which is going well by the way). I walked back home in the pouring rain in my high-heeled boots. At another T-junction on College Road, a middle-aged man on a bicycle was coming out from Brookfield Health Centre (health complex of UCC), and this car was passing by and this stupid guy (oops, i mean uncivilized guy) in the car threw a small carton of milk at the guy on the bike. Poor thing, I saw the thing right in front of my eyes. Thank goodness, they didn't threw the milk at me but unfortunate for that man.

This thing has been going on for years, throwing out nasty stuff from a moving car. My friends and I had encountered several episodes. At first, we thought they were being racist because most of the time the victims are foreigners. But I've seen a few cases where they just threw randomly at people walking, regardless of whether you're coloured or white. Stupid uncivilized people, they are... I bet these people are mostly college students as this part of the city is swarmed with them. You're supposed to be bright bunch of people but sadly you're not.. Pity you..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Can't stop listening to this song..

cant let go - linda kiraly

thanx to Jonathan!! I've been listening to this song over and over again.. btw, if u'r reading this; I love the choreography, Jonathan~!! can't wait for next year! =D

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm With You - Avril Lavigne (by request)

Requested by Jonathan (All Parts Included)ages ago.. (Sorry for the delay Jonathan~!!)
This song was on the radio when we were on our way home from our dance performance and we were singing along in the car.. =P

p/s: sorry I had to cut some parts because I sounded so horrible singing high-pitch. =P

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tennis, Baseball, Golf & Boxing.. all in one day???

4 sports in one day?? That is only possible when you have Wii at home.. (thanx, Cha~!) =P
Great way to release (and build) your tensed muscles and brain after a not-so-good exam in Ophthalmology, especially if you do some punching in boxing!!.. Ah, well.. at least it's over and done with!!
Maybe I need to get myself a pair of boxing gloves and a punching bag....? hmmm... Okay, gonna head off to Ebay now.. =P

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

4th Year, 3rd Rotation-3rd week = Ophthalmology

Summary so far for this rotation:

- enjoyable
- too short (1 week!!! not enough)
- too many things to learn
- case report & exam on Friday
- doctors & staff are nice
- busy
- busy
- busy

Friday, November 28, 2008

What will I be when I grow up...

The medical specialty for you is.... OB/GYN

OB/GYN is the best of all specialties. As an OB/GYN, you have chosen one of the most noble fields in medicine. You will work longer hours than a surgeon, but without the high pay. But you will still do it because you have a passion for the field. And after you rush to the hospital at 3 in the morning for the third night in a row to deliver a baby, the parents will turn around and sue you if there were any unforeseeable complications, which is why your insurance rates are so ridiculously high. Come to think of it, OB/GYN?? What were you thinking?

To find out what specialty best fits your unique personality, go to:

What Medical Specialty Is For You?

Got this from Aziah's blog.. Try it, guys!!

Lucky - Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat (cover - singing only)

I need a break from my literature review!! Found this great video on youtube where this guy (singindork888) plays his guitar and sings Jason's part and allow girls to sing Colbie's part. Creative huh?
This song is actually requested by my sister-in-law, Arnita Ramlan.. I couldn't grab hold of a partner to sing a duet with me. I was thinking to record this song with singindork888 with me playing the guitar as well.. but later on maybe.. when time allows me to.. =)
In the meanwhile, please do enjoy this version~!! =)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

4th Year, 3rd Rotation-2nd week = SPEC SURG: PLASTIC

Plastic surgery is not too bad.. =)
I thought I was going to hate this rotation (as I am not a major fan of surgery, esp orthopaedic), but surprisingly it is quite interesting. Especially after seeing a breast reduction and reconstruction surgery using latissimus dorsi flap.

I am just quite disappointed that I couldn't go to ward round & OPD today due to my reaction to MMR vaccine which I got yesterday afternoon. I'm feeling feverish and got a headache and they wouldn't go away after 2 bouts of paracetamol! (and I am not a big fan of medications!)

I am actually vaccinated against both measles and mumps. Unfortunately, after the student health centre did my blood test, it turns out that I am not vaccinated against rubella, hence the commotion of getting MMR again, giving me this prodromal symptoms and sore left arm.

On Monday, my group mates & I had to go to the health centre to check our BCG status. They just wanted to inspect our scars, and I have a huge scar on my deltoid region!! Unfortunately still, people from Malaysia had to do Mantoux test and chest X-ray as we come from a high endemicity region. *sigh*. 20 euros down the drain just to get the test done which stings like hell. I hope they won't make a big hassle about getting the X-ray done because I don't plan to do so.. I have no idea how much it is going to cost us to do an X-ray here, as the GP said, "it's up to the hospital whether they want to charge u or not.." (???) I don't plan on spending on an X-ray when I don't have any symptoms of TB nor any other chest problems, thank you..

-sick & annoyed-

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

4th Year, 3rd Rotation-1st week = DERMATOLOGY

I am enjoying my Dermatology attachment so far.. because I got to go to city center everyday!! hahahaha.

Seriously, everything looks the same!! All I see are rashes & moles.. *clueless*
One week of Dermatology is enough for me thank you... hopefully I don't have to encounter you again in my life..

Oh, I know quite a bit about Tinea Unguium & Erythema Multiforme~!! And that's because I have to present these topics!! =P
dystrophic nail changes in tinea unguium

can u see the target lesions?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Busy weekend!!!

Finally, got the chance to put the guitar on my lap!! Been quite busy lately..

Thursday night was the dance performance for Comm Ball which was BRILLIANT!!!!! (will upload more pictures or a video if i can get hold of them!!)

Catrin & I after the show

Post-show picture @ home

Friday night was Med Ball and I enjoyed it~! Had a great time with friends and classmates! And of course, had fun getting dressed in "cheong-sam"!!Cheong-sam~!! =)

Us @ Medball '08

Saturday morning, there was a student meeting with the ambassador and Malaysian Student's Society AGM..

Sunday, had a late start (hehe). Cleaning & cooking before off for a few laps at the Mardyke Arena. (had time for 30 laps only).

This is the 1st of the 3 requests I got..
Requested by my cousin, Miza.. Enjoy~!

p/s: will find the time to record the other 2 songs soon!! =)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I need a hero~! *dush*

*posers* (with Ezlyn)

do u like my tutu? =P

Some pictures from our practice session at home before dress rehearsal.. =D
The performance is tonight for UCC Comm Ball. We'll be dancing to Bonnie Tyler's Holding Out for a Hero. That explains the 80's Flashdance costume.. *wink*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Iylia's 23rd Celebration

Happy Belated Birthday, Iylia~! =D
Her birthday was on the 4th.
The Celebration:-
Date: 6th Nov
Venue: Ruen Thai Restaurant, Patrick's Street (yum~!)

with Birthday girl..

with mummy-to-be *excited*


Sunday, November 9, 2008


Did 40 laps today! Phewww~!
It's been ages!!!!!!

p/s: 3 entries in one day... I must be really bored....

Elizabeth Chandler

I was watching "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2" the other day, and I found out that the screenplay writer of the movie is Elizabeth Chandler. (Yes, I read the credits). =P
I suddenly remembered one of my favourite love-story books when I was in my teens, in the late 90s. (Gosh, I sounded old...)

The book was a trilogy entitled "Kissed by an Angel". Well, obviously it consists of 3 books: Kissed by an Angel, The Power of Love & Soulmates. This trilogy is something that you can read over and over and over again.. I lost track of how many times I read that book and cried everytime.. (sappy, I know). Girls would defintely like this book, especially if you have a strong exaggerated sentimental values, like me (a.k.a. a cry-baby) *T_T*

I think it's the same Elizabeth Chandler, the screenplay writer and the author of the novels. But definitely not the one who wrote the poem, "The Slave-Ship" in the 19th Century. =P

May 2009!!!

Angels & Demons... my favourite book~!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

No more X-Factor for me, thank u...

My favourite act was voted out from X-factor on Saturday, and I vowed not to watch that show ever again!! Well, for this season at least.. =P. Austin Drage is talented, people!! I believe he'll make it big someday.. He's still young anyway.. Good luck, Austin~!!

This is the video that made me fall for this Brit:
I think he wrote this song, entitled "Out of My Head"

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dangerously in Love - Beyonce (cover)

This is one of my favourite songs. Recorded this about 2 wks ago..
The lyrics:

I love you.
Baby I love you
You are my life
My happiest moments weren't complete
If you weren't by my side
You're my relation
In connection to the sun
With you next to me
There's no darkness I can't overcome
You are my raindrop
I am the sea
With you and God, who's my sunlight
I bloom and grow so beautifully
Baby, I'm so proud
So proud to be your girl
You make the confusion
Go all away
From this cold and messed up world.

I am in love with you
You set me free
I can't do this thing
Called life without you here with me
Cause I'm Dangerously In Love with you
I'll never leave
Just keep lovin' me
The way I love you loving me.

And I know you love me
Love me for who I am
Cause years before I became who I am
Baby you were my man
I know it ain't easy
Easy loving me
I appreciate the love and dedication
From you to me
Later on in my destiny
I see myself having your child
I see myself being your wife
And I see my whole future in your eyes
Thought of all my love for you
sometimes make me wanna cry
Realize all my blessings
I'm grateful
To have you by my side.

Every time I see your face
My heart smiles
Every time it feels so good
It hurts sometimes
Created in this world
To love and to hold
To feel
To breathe
To love you.

Dangerously in love
Can't do this thing
I love you , I love you, I love you
I'll never leave
Just keep on loving me
I'm in love with you
I can not do
I cannot do anything without you in my life
Holding me, kissing me, loving me
I love you
Dangerously in love.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Double Bill

So much for being disappointed last week for not having any dance class, it's 2 nights in a row this week!! Last night (Tuesday) and tonight!!
Now, I'm sore all over. Plus, I have a presentation (a big one!) on Friday. It's a proposal for my final year project. Yikes~! Wish me luck!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Some ppl are just plain selfish, could not careless about others and their surroundings.. and cocky.. full stop.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dear Friend - Marie Digby (cover)

I love this song by Marie Digby. Can't get it out of my head! =P

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My All - Mariah Carey (by request)

Someone from YouTube requested that I play Mariah Carey's. Finally decided on this song.. It is damn hard to sing MC's song, you know how she sings her lungs out... And it's hard to sing while playing guitar too! So, sorry in advance if I spoilt the song! =P

p/s: AD, I'm sorry for not playing "Through the Rain". That song is hard to play on the guitar, it's better off with the piano.. and sadly, I don't know how to play the piano..


No dance class today due to mystery tour (party nite for dance club). I was actually looking forward for dance class because we'll be performing in 2 weeks time! *excited*
Last Wednesday was fantastic! After months of dance-free period, I enjoyed myself perspirating in the dance studio jumping and twirling. =P. Good form of exercise! Yeayh!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Wedding Cake

I crafted this!!! I can't believe it!! Well, of course with the help of my dearest housemates! =)
Love u gurls~!

baked the cake the night before

the 1st layer.. =P

the cupcakes

the end result.. =)

p/s: my eldest sister must be really proud of me.. =P

Wedding in Ireland

No2, it's not mine.. =P
It's my friend's cousin and her husband's best friend's wedding.. got it? It's complicated, I know.. hehe
Anyhoo, the akad was held in Cork mosque (it's not like the mosques we have in Malaysia.. for those wondering). The reception was held in Carriglea, our home.. =)
These are some pictures from yesterday..

the bride & groom after the akad

me love babies..

the home-made pelamin

the food.. yummy!

with Hadif

the cake~! careful!


us with the bride & groom

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tattoo by Jordin Sparks

Recorded this about a month ago. Just felt like playing this song when I listened to it in my iPod.. =). Forgot that I recorded this and just found this in my laptop..
Anyway, enjoy~!

Please do drop any request ok? I have like a long list of songs I would love to record, but dunno where to start! So, if u have any song in ur mind, or to challenge me or anything.. =P (mcm terrer je.. ceehhh), i'll try my best to fulfill them..
Actually got a request from YouTube for Mariah Carey's song, but can't decide which one.. was thinking of 'Hero', but 'My All' would be great too.. what do u think?


This is how I practice suturing.. Hope the banana is healing well now.. =P

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Happy 23rd Birthday, Yusma!!
Her birthday was on Friday (10th). I hope she likes the present & the Oreo Cheesecake I baked with GG's help! =).
My first attempt of Oreo Cheesecake, successssss!! =D

Happy 1st Birthday to my nephew, Adam!! His birthday was ystrday (11th). How time flies~! He can walk now!!! Me mish him so vewy muchhh!! *sob sob*
Adam in his over-sized 'baju melayu' & politician 'songkok'! =P

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

4th Year, 2nd Rotation = EMERGENCY MEDICINE

Started my new rotation on Monday (6th Oct) and I'm doing Emergency Medicine in a smaller hospital near city center (will remain anonymous) =P.

So far, the rotation is going on well. Apart from the fact that we were asked to leave the A&E (Accident & Emergency or some may call it Emergency Room) on Monday because it was really hectic and chaotic! It was our first day there and we were doing psychiatry before that, of course we're going to be in their way and would not be of any help to them.. (an excuse to the rude nurse, really!)

Last night I was on the night shift, started from 4pm and supposedly finished at 12am, but the last bus home is at 11.15pm, so I wouldn't take any chances of walking home alone at midnite with the main street swarming with intoxicated people.. no2.. It was fun tho, got to do and see loads of stuff.. =)

Anyhoo, what I would like to tell u is that: Do not believe what u see in the television!! A&E is not always as busy as what u see in the TV show, ER.. hahaha.. but it is interesting really.. Could I see myself working in the A&E when I qualify? Hmm... maybe... =)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


*More pictures for Eid!*
Event: Photo session
Place: Carriglea
Time: Sunday (5th Syawal)

posing on the patio

a game of "police & thief" anyone?


girls in "kebaya nyonya"

the "new" Carrigleans (from 6 to 10! and one on the way! =P)

The original Carrigleans

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Suasana Hari Raya @ Carriglea...

This is how we celebrate Raya in Ireland, in Carriglea specifically... =P

Eid Celebration

Since the 1st of Syawal was on Wednesday, our celebration was postponed to this weekend. You know, with classes and hospitals.. even 2 of my housemates had their exams on the day of Eid!

Anyhoo, the "big" celebration was yesterday, with almost all Malaysians here in Cork gathered for a feast. It was fun, to finally meet everyone after doing a whole month of rotation in different departments in different hospitals.

The night before, we FINALLY had the REAL feeling of Eid when we started cooking our tradisional Eid food after dinner. All the scent of kuah kacang, rendang ayam, nasi impit gave me the Madeleine Effect, feeling as if I was at home (close enough). Directly after the get-together, we had friends coming over our place. We had over 40 guests who came over for our open-house.. It was great!!

These are some pictures taken for Eid:

4th Year Medical Students 2008/2009 UCC


Us being crazee as usual

Our band =P

Open house Carriglea

I love children.. *wink*

More pictures soon.. And a raya song soon.. ?? =p

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Eid Mubarak!!

Wishing Muslims all over the world, Happy Eid Mubarak!!

I thought after spending my 5th Ramadhan & Eid here in Ireland, I would get use to it.. I guess I thought wrong.. *sob sob*
I miss everything back home.. I wonder when will this feeling of homesickness going to fly away.. I'm here in Ireland for years.. but still, my heart & soul belongs to a place call home.. This year's homesickness is critical, really! I'm back in Ireland for a whole month since my summer holidays, but still I'm in denial.. I wanna go hommmeeeeeeeee~!

Okay, enough being moody.. I wanna wish my crazee cousin, Miza Fazni, a Happy 20th Birthday!! No more a teenager, cuz...! =P. Her birthday was yesterday (29th Sept).

AND! Today is my brother's birthday!! Happy (let me count) 34th Birthday, Anchik!! U may not look your age, but accept it bro.. U're old and u got grey hair!! =P

p/s: To all my family (in Malaysia & my family here, the Carrigleans!), friends (all over the world), and my dear Mr. Irwan.. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Maaf Zahir & Batin, dari hujung rambut ke hujung kaki! Halalkan makan & minum! and seri 0-0 aite? =P. Love you guys so much! Huggs & Kisses!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Birthday wish to dear sis-in-law!

Happy Birthday Kak Ita!! =D
Hope you had a good time having your birthday dinner in Eden's.. =)

This song was actually requested by her daughter, Aaliyah.. but for your present as well, Kak Ita.. can? =P. Enjoy~! (only a short version here.. tak larat maaa.. puasa.. =P)

This is a cover version of Colby O'Donis' What You Got..

p/s: ke Kak Ita ade nak request lagu lain? hehehe.. anything for you..*wink*

The actress in me.. haha

Last thursday afternoon, I was in one of the consultation room in psychiatry ward. I was waiting for my consultant to start our ward round. So there I was, reading about eating disorder from the borrowed Oxford Clinical Specialty book when suddenly a foreign doctor (I have no idea which country he is from) came to me and ask me to follow him. FYI, there are a lot of foreign doctors working in psychiatry. Anyhoo, he was saying stuff about his OSCE and asking me which year I am in bla bla bla.. I didn't really know what he wanted from me at first but I just followed him because he asked for my help. He brought me and a colleague of mine into our tutorial room and 2 other doctors were waiting inside.

They explained to us that this foreign doctor is actually practising for his upcoming Mock Psychiatry Exam. So he wanted us to become mock patients! I was the first person to act as I was the only "actress" there as the 1st case is a lady. I was given a sheet of paper to read my "part". I was supposed to act as Ms Jean, a 70+ year old lady who lost her husband 7 months ago and is having trouble with her memory with symptoms of depression and grieving. The doctor was supposed to ask me questions to differentiate whether I have dementia or depression (as they may present similarly). The first sentence in the sheet was, "You are nervous, agitated about your memory and TEARFUL ". *shock*

After 3 weeks experience of psychiatry, I kinda know exactly what to do.. (haha). So, when he started introducing himself and seated myself, my legs started to get restless and I was fidgeting (nervous). And when he started asking about my "late husband", I started "crying"(!!!) and he offered me a fake tissue paper. Then he started asking about "my" depressive symptoms. When he asked about my passive death wish/suicidal ideation, I said, "sometimes I wish I would die, so that I could be with my husband" and followed by more tears..!! I can't believe it myself that I would do that! He might think I'm a real patient (apart from the fact that I'm in my 20s instead of 70s!). And I was frustrated everytime he asked me about my memory..

The examiner (our tutor) told me I was excellent and my acting was so real! =P *blush*. I was just glad I could be of help to that doctor. *wink*
I didn't know I had it in me.. seriously! I was in a school play when I was 15, I think.. but that was it. Never really thought a career in acting before (hahahaha). Anyway, if u want me in your movie/drama/play or anything at all, just give me a buzz ok? =P

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My very 1st tutorial video.. =P

So, this is how I play Aslyn's That's When I Love You.. Hope it'll help u guitarists out there who likes this song.. =)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The boy that I miss..

This is a video of my nephew, Adam..
He wasn't well at that time and his mama gave him his medications beforehand.
He was just about to fall asleep when he puked on the bed and thus these few minutes in the bathroom to clean up in a very drowsy state.. =P
He's sooo adorable!! and I miss him so much~!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sheena?? Errrkkkk...

A few people told me that I look like Sheena from ANTM cycle 11. Really????? U'uh, I don't think so... (with her accent) =P
Well, honestly, I think she looks like Kimora..
Or is it because of the make-over, now that she has long straight hair like mine.. hmmm...
In case u don't know, she sings as well.. try browsing for her vids on youtube! haha

Over You - Daughtry (by request)

My lovely niece, Aaliyah Natasha requested 2 songs! So this is one of them.. Enjoy~!

p/s: Acu record yg lagi satu tu next week k? Kene practice lagi la.. hehe.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hanya Kau Yang Mampu..

Thanx, GG! For making me play this song! hehehe

To Aaliyah, and my brother.. Enjoy~! And to everyone else who likes this song! =)
My very first cover of Malaysian song!! weeeee~~!

p/s: Aaliyah, Acu dah bole main lagu yang Aaliyah nak tu sikit2. Nanti Acu perfectkan ok? =P. Love u~!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

To my niece, Aaliyah...

Happy 7th Birthday, Aaliyah Natasha!!
Love u & miss u!! Mmwwaahh!!

Aaliyah & I @ Cozy Corner


I am emotionally and physically drained.... *sigh*

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What more can I say??


4th Year, 1st Rotation - PSYCHIATRY

I just started my first rotation of the academic year on Monday and yeah, I'm doing Psychiatry! (errkkk..).
Yep, it's scary.. yet interesting..
It kinda teach me not to be as friendly as usual, but at the same time train me to be more sensitive..
Definitely I need time to adjust myself in this field. Thank goodness we have 4 weeks of psychiatry rotation (can u sense the sarcasm??)

Anyhoo... met some interesting patients in these past 3 days:
- an elderly male patient just came right up to our group (~8 of us) and started talking about the newly painted wall
- a middle aged man having a cigarette outside with one of his family members just suddenly said to me, "We were just saying how beautiful you are.. What's your name?"
- a guy (I think in his early 30s) just came up to us this morning, and started singing in Spanish (I think he likes my friend, Feesha... maybe he thinks she's Hispanic!).
- we had a case conference this morning, discussing about a young girl with Paranoid Schizophrenia & Borderline Personality Disorder.. she believes Osama bin Laden is her witch-doctor, as well as Leonardo Da Vinci. She does not like to read because she can't differentiate fact & fiction. Poor girl..
- my patient heard a voice saying she's going to die just before she had her 1st anxiety attack.

Interesting eh?

Friday, September 5, 2008

What About Now - Daughtry

This song is really deep and meaningful..
For the past week (i.e. since I'm back in Ireland), every single time I listened to this song, I would definitely shed some tears..
So, a way for me not to do that anymore, is to play and sing this song!
This is, Daughtry's What About Now by me..

p/s: This is a link to the official video clip. Spend some time to watch it, it'll definitely touch your heart... (if the link does not show up, hover your cursor here)---> What about now - Daughtry

pp/s: this is for you, Mr Irwan.. I know you really like this song.

ppp/s: to my niece, Aaliyah... any song request? =)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, GG!!

GG & I in our "new" lecture theatre

Happy 23rd Birthday, Najihah Abu Bakar!!
Hope you like the "ayam percik" I cooked for you!! hehehe
Hugs & kisses~!

p/s: don't worry Iylia, we'll wait for you for the celebration! =P

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Happy (let me think..) 59th Birthday, Mummy!!!
I love you! Mmwwaahh!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oops, I forgot..

I am back in Cork!! *sigh*

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!

Happy fasting, people! =)
It is going to be 16 hrs of fasting here in Ireland.. *gambatte ne!*

Here is a simple dish for your "bukak puasa"

It is very easy to prepare yet it's delicious!
-a bag of sumi jellies (the cone-shaped colourful jellies that we love to eat when we were small)
-a can of fruit cocktail
-a can of evaporated milk (not condensed okay?)

-remove all the packaging of sumi jellies and put them into a big bowl, and pour in all of the contents of both the evaporated milk and fruit cocktail (the syrup as well).
-keep it in the refrigerator for at least 1/2 hour.
-if u don't have a fridge (haha), u can put in ice cubes instead!

and voila! It's ready!

p/s: if u can't find any sumi jellies (like in Ireland), u can substitute by using any kind of jellies, but make sure u read the ingredients ok? no pork gelatine please... =)