Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We're in today's Evening Echo!!!

I am so excited!!!

Decided to go to dance class today with Ezlyn, cos we wanna pay for our DVDs for the CGD show!
We were warming up when one of our friend told us we were in today's Echo (Wed 20th Feb)!!
So after our dance class (Jonathan taught us today.. a really cool chair-dancing! *wink*.. love it!!), we went straight away to Centra (like 7-11 but not 24hrs) and grab our copies of the Echo (Cork's local newspaper!). There were only 2 left!! Lucky us huh? If there weren't any, I would have run to Tesco to buy one! =P.

It's a picture of Ezlyn, Katherine and myself! I'll scan the newspaper cutting later ok? Maybe after exam next week! hehe. It's cool!!
Actually, I was in the Echo last year as well for CGD 2007.. but it was black and white and can barely see my face.. (have to look real closely to see an Asian among Caucasians.. hehe). But this year, it's all clear! with colour! and my name printed underneath! (tho they spell my dad's name as Jusein - Spanish pronunciation is the same as Husein rite? =P)

Anyway, I found this video uploaded in Bebo! It's the closing piece we did on the nite of the show! Show Me Tha Money by Petey Pablo.. enjoy!! (it's hard to scan for me! but do try!! =P)

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okay.. that's all for now folks! have to get back to my patho books!
my oral for pathology is next thursday! wish me luck!!! huhuhu... (T_T)

Friday, February 15, 2008


It's the time of year again when i miss everything back home in Malaysia.. *_*
And around this time of year when I usually play and sing this song.
It is the hardest song to pluck while singing to it.. (Here Without You - 3 Doors Down)


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Clubs Go Dancing 2008

Last night was brilliant!
The day started early.. had to be at the Everyman Palace at 11 am.. rehearsal, blocking, full dress rehearsal, dinner, and then getting ready for the real thing!! Tiring but worth it!!

The show started at 8pm. I was one of the dancers for the opening for Act 1, opening for Act2 and the closing performance!
For Act 1, we were dancing to Janet Jackson's All Nite (Don't Stop). We were in our sexy secretary clothes.. The crowds were wild!! =P.

The opening for Act 2, we were in our boyish clothes (baggy pants, sleeveless and I had a tie and a top-hat) and we were dancing to Like a Boy by Ciara. I was in the front row, and kinda like in the center for part of the dance (we did a cool formation!).. yep, it was scary.. and my top-hat fell off halfway thru the dance!!! but, as usual, keep it cool.. with loads of facial-xpression.. =P
Us trying so hard to look Like A Boy (hehehe)

The closing act was a really crazy one! Just imagine, the steps are mostly half-counts!! daym crazee!! and Ezlyn and me just started learning the steps 4 days before the show!!!!! but it was great! =D. Love the choreography!

So, overall... the night was a great success! *clap2 and a standing ovation* to the UCC Dance Club committee!! I am proud to be a part (a little tiny part) of the amazing show! =)

~Entertainment and Exercise for a Good Cause!~ he he he

Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Baby You for Mr Irwan

Happy Belated Birthday, Mr. Irwan Kamarull!! You're 23 years old already! but I'm the one with gray hair...!! huhu.. oh, never mind.. it's red now! hahaha

I hope you like the present I gave you thru the phone.. hehe. (and the present I've sent u thru snail mail...). This is the recorded version of what I've given to Mr. Irwan on the phone.. enjoy!

We love this song! It is just so deep and meaningful.. *sob sob*

Friday, February 1, 2008

Chocolate Cravings & Advertisement

I'm craving for chocolates!! dayymmm!! Don't give in now, Hana.. *sigh*.. and now I'm munching dried fruits instead (it's 2 am for goodness' sake!).
Owh, and it's February now! Welcome to the month of red roses and heart-shaped chocs (chocs again!! daymm!!)

Tomorrow (2nd Feb) is my boyfriend's birthday! yeayh! I've sent him a present and a card... I hope they reach him in time.. depending on the efficiency of Irish and Malaysian postage tho..
*sigh*.. I miss my boyfriend so much..

I'm supposed to be reading Patho now, but I'm posting this blog instead! Typical me..

Oh yeah, about the dance performance, I've made up my mind! I'll be performing on the 10th of Feb in Everyman Palace Theater, Cork.. If any of you are interested to see the performances from UCC Dance Club, these are the details:

Clubs Go Dancing (CDG)
ticket: eur12 (standard)
eur30 (gold tix - including best seats & wine)
tix will be on sale on 4-7th Feb (Mon-Thurs) from 12-3pm (main campus - outside library or boole basement)
CDG is actually a competition, based on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.. brilliant dancers from UCC Dance Club were partnered with sport stars from other clubs in UCC to compete that nite.. This is actually a fund-raising event for charity! So come and join us people!! (I'm just going to be one of the dancers for the intervals.. =P).. It'll be funn!! I'm quite excited, and I can't wait to wear my newly bought outfit for the performance.. he he he

okay, I have to go now.. I'll be updating soon.. I sense a song is gonna be post up.. =P