Saturday, May 31, 2008


Thanx for voting peeps~!
"Dan" got the highest vote..
So, enjoy my 2nd attempt of Malay-Language song.. =P

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sempurna by request

Faiza requested this song ages ago!!
And only now am I confident enough to play and record this... =P
Recorded straight away after my freaking-hard-oral-exam...
Anyway, enjoy~!

This is my 1st Malay-Language song! woohoooo~!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Warm Welcome...

Just a special thanx to my sister-in-law, who has become a frequent visitor of my humble blog.. *wink*. This is due to the requests she's been getting from my 2 nieces, after watching my videos..
One of them, Alieshah, has been asking for a guitar from her father.. so that she can play and sing like her aunt.. And the elder sister, Aaliyah wanted a piano.. hehehe. But my brother told them to study hard and become a doctor first before they can get those instruments.. hahaha. (they're gonna b really excited seeing their picture in this blog) =P

Aaliyah & Alieshah
And thanx for introducing this blog to Daddy! hehehe.. now Daddy can have a regular updates of my life here in Ireland without waiting for my weekly phone calls (if he knows how to get to this blog without someone else's help).. =P

p/s: wish me luck guys.. I have an oral tomorrow~!! huhuhu

Dancing Shoes

I bought this in Edinburgh~! =D

Monday, May 26, 2008

Class trip to Scotland

Just got back from 3rd Med's class trip! It was a blast!!
This is gonna be a really short summarization of the trip, I promise.
Departed from Cork on Saturday morning (11-ish), arrived in Glasgow Prestwick Airport, took the train to Glasgow central, and train again to Edinburgh. Arrived in our hostel around 5 pm.
Went out for dinner and meet up with Mas & Chali and walked around Edinburgh city, went up to the castle and all the cathedrals around the area. The view from the hill was amazing~!
The next day (Sunday), shopping day and a lil bit of sightseeing as well! =P. Then, meet up with the rest of our classmates in an Italian restaurant for an early dinner (around 4 pm!). The food was delicious~! In the evening, a small group of us went for a "Ghost Tour".
Today, we left the hostel early in the morning to catch our plane at 11.20 (which was delayed) in Glasgow.
In conclusion, it was a great trip!! Exhausting, but worth it!! =D. Our class rep did a great job in organizing this memorable trip. *bow to Peter* =P.

p/s: I love Scottish accent! =P

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I miss dancing...

Last night, I was cleaning up my room while listening to my iTunes.
My playlist was on a shuffle mode, and suddenly Ciara's Like a Boy was on!
Huhuh.. It made me miss dancing. I miss going to dance classes and performing... =(.
So, at 2 am, I was dancing alone in my room with Stitchy and my other teddies as my audience.. =P

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Thanx for voting guys~!
So, Colbie Colbat's Bubbly heads the list!
*recorded directly after my OSCExam!! =P*

Monday, May 19, 2008

Thank God The Almighty... (Alhamdulillah)

Okay, so we're done with Behavioural Science (Epidemiology & Public Health).
I don't know what to say really about that paper.. *sigh*. I've been having this problem with time management. Although it was a 3 hr paper, I couldn't finish it in time.. =(.
Actually I had the same problem with Pharmacology paper, which was the 1st paper..

Talking about Pharmacology, I was awaken from my afternoon nap (after 3 hrs of sleep last nite and an hour session at the gym after the exam) by my dear housemate telling me that I am listed in the Pharmacology oral list!! (cuakness~!) And Alhamdulillah.. I am 'invited' for Pass/Honest oral, which means I definitely passed the paper!!!! =). I know, I shouldn't be too excited because that is only like 1 out of 5.. I'm not ready to know the result for the rest, seriously..

So, I added another item in the Summer Exam list.. The thing is, the oral is on the 28th. I am supposed to go to Scotland for our class trip the weekend before that (24-26th of May).. Hmm.. so, should I or should I not go for the class trip. I already paid for the flight.. (????) I know I need to study for the oral.. Help~!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bleeding Love

I can't wait for 5 days to strum the guitar!!
Epidemiology & Public Health is sooo getting on my nerves~!!

So, I've recorded this.. Thanx for voting guys! Keep the votes and requests rolling~! *wink*

Back on my diet..

Went to Tesco just now with my housemates.. and I bought my food supply..
Before I went to the cash register, I had one last look in my shopping basket:
- 2 bags of salad + dressings
- mixed frozen veg
- 2 cartons of fruit juices
- 2 containers of mixed fruit & nuts
- 1 container of sunflower seeds
- 1 box of fish fingers

Hmm.. guess I'm getting back to my old diet.. I have to get rid of 2 more kgs to reach my target weight.

Oh~! And I joined the total tone class in the Mardyke Arena. I went for a session on Tuesday, wanted to join for Thursday as well but it was full.. so I just went to the gym instead..

Wish me luck~! *wink*

p/s: don't get me wrong.. I'm doing all these to make some room cause I wanna pig out in Malaysia!!!! hahahahahah~

Thursday, May 15, 2008

.. and the winner is....

I am so happy and glad Whitney won the title of American Next Top Model Cycle 10!!! weeee~~!

I never really liked Anya from the start. Well, Whitney was not my first choice either. Actually, I prefer Claire and Katarzyna.. Whitney's my 3rd choice! heheh

BUT, I'm happy she won! First time ever a plus-size/full-figured model won the title! Well-deserved~! For all the haters out there, admit it.. she's gorgeous!

Okay, I'm ranting now.. Gotta go back to my notes of epidemiology..


Sunday, May 11, 2008


I was reading about haematological system for my exam.
One of the causes of anaemia is, obviously.. HAEMORRHAGE (that's how u spell it if u'r in this part of the world.. without an "A" after the "H" is the American spelling...)

So, I decided to record this song: Fuel's Hemorrhage (In My Hands). I remembered the first time I played this song was when I was 16. =D. I really love this song back then.. and I love Fuel!!
Then I fell in love again with this song when Chris Daughtry performed this song on American Idol.. *drools*


Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Layout

Hey peeps!

What do u think of the new layout? =P

It shows how glad I am after finishing 2 killer subjects for this summer exam.. *pheewww*

Well my gladness is not to say that they went smoothly really, I am just glad they are both done and over with~!

So now 2 more papers to go, and one OSCE.. wish me luck and pray for me~!!



I've been tagged by Yusma and Farissa.. so here goes..

7 random facts about me:

1. I'm daddy's girl
2. I'm lazy
3. I have 5 nieces and 6 nephews (+ 2 new nephews)
4. I do my studying at the very last minute
5. I'm such a sucker for tall, fair, nerdy-looking guys.. alaa.. rupe ala2 oghe klate gitu.. (hahaha)
6. I'm easily distracted
7. My ambition when I was 12 was to be an entertainer.. hahahha

7 things that scare me:

1. Allah the Almighty
2. exams
3. ghosts
4. death
5. losing people I love
6. getting fat (ahaha)
7. animals that can eat me....? =P

7 random music at the moment:

1. Sunday Train - Bethany Joy Galileoti
2. Aimer - Romeo & Juliet (French Musical)
3. Like a Boy - Ciara
4. 4 minutes - Madonna & JT
5. 25 Minutes - MLTR (Yusma la punye pasal)
6. Semoga Abadi - Misha Omar
7. I Love You - Fun Factory

7 things I say the most:

1. Adeiii
2. Apekah
3. Poyo
4. Exam (*_*)
5. Anaesth (short for anaesthetics - it drives Mary mad~!) heheh
6. Eat
7. Calories (ahahaha)

7 things I treasure the most:

1. my new iPod =P
2. my IBM
3. Nescafe gold blend
4. my metallic blue stethoscope
5. my handphones (eventho the batteries for both are dying) =P
6. my credit card (hahahah)
7. my freedom... ?

7 "first time" things I ever did:

1. a spinal block (weeee~)
2. celebrated my birthday 3 times in a year!!
3. this is my first tag thingy!
4. being so unprepared for end-of-year exam
5. scrubbed in for a surgery =P
eat 5 meals a day!!!!
7. was being mean to someone and felt good about it.. (I was always nice to people or at least felt guilty after being mean)

7 people to do this:
1. Najmi
2. Azia
3. Pija
4. Kak Anis
5. Jawa
6. Sunny
7. YOU~!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Miss You Love

Thanx for voting peeps~!

This video is taken in between my cramming sessions of studying..
Here goes, Silverchair's Miss You Love cover by me~!

p/s: Dear Amy, I will find the time to record Fuel's Hemorrhage ok? hehe =)

Sunday, May 4, 2008


All my hardwork of diet-ing and exercising end of last year and early this year is going down the drain..

my near-exam syndrome is back.. I'm eating a lot now.. I've developed new hobbies, which are eating and munching~!

I'm catching up with my sister now. She's slimming down, and I'm fattening up like a goose!! *sigh*