Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yeayyhhh!! Found it!!

Alhamdulillahx3!! Well, it wasn't really me who found it. Must be my parents.. I misplaced my watch (which was my wedding present from hubby) and I have been looking for it for almost 2 months now but all the while I've been keeping it to myself bcos I don't want mr hubs to know.. Hehe. (Hope he's not going to read this tho) ;)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Long Distance Relationship (Phase II)

My husband had flew off to the UK on the 30th of Sept 2012 (more than 3 weeks ago), continuing his studies in Engineering. Even knowing the fact that he is coming back in 2 months time for a few weeks, still it was so hard to say goodbye..

I was in denial for quite some time before he flew off. The aftermath was worst.. The first week I cried myself to sleep almost every night. For the past 10+ months I was so used to having someone who was always there for me, sometimes would sent and picked me up from work, always the one who held out the door for me, someone who always made sure I had something to eat especially whilst busy working. The hardest part was to sleep and wake up with no one by your side. And the arguments of who would go and take a shower first in the morning especially during the weekends.. hehe. And then to come home from work and saw his car in the driveway, gave me false hope that he's waiting for me in the house.. *blood tears*

Now, both of us are trying to keep ourselves busy to keep our minds of being apart.
I sincerely would like to thank Apple from the bottom of my heart for creating the iPhone.. especially FaceTime! The greatest invention of all time.. We've been FaceTime-ing almost every night these past few weeks. It keeps us both staying strong and looking forward to see each other again soon.

Yes, by God's will I will be joining him soon.. In February hopefully. I am in the process of applying my unpaid leave and settling whatever need to be settled before leaving the country.

So I guess this blog will be updated more frequent next year! Haha.