Sunday, April 25, 2010

My 25th B'day... OMG, 25th??!!

I really didn't expect any celebration this year as we are in the middle of our exams.. (2 papers down, 2 papers and 3 clinicals to go..).
Thank you so much for everything, girls~! I LOVE YOU! xoxo

Beautiful flower from Massy & family

The Girls~

Baby J (and the aunts) scared of the 'candles'.. are they going to explode???

The woman who made it all possible.. Thank u, Dr.! (and thanx for the 'session' afterwards.. =P)

With Baby J~! Is the pen-torch really that delicious?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Conversation between a father and his 7 year old daughter

A, is a cute 7 year old girl, a little bit on a chubby side and loves singing. She has a big sister who is 2 years older and weighs less than her.

One day, A and her family had dinner at her granddad's house. She was just about to help herself for a second serving when her father said, "A! Stop eating! You're gonna get fat!". She replied to her father, "It's my body! I can do whatever I want with it!" (keep in mind she is 7 year old!!) And the concerned father said to her, "But I am the one buying your clothes, my money!" A had nothing to say to that now.

Her father continued, "I tell you what. Once your aunt came back from an-oversea-country-that-shall-be-nameless-here, I'll send her, you and your cousin (who is also a little bit on the chubby side) to a nearby lake so that all of you can jog together and lose that extra pounds"

Haha. Thank you, big brother! What about yourself? Think you need to join us too. My BMI is still in the normal range, what about yours?? =P

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Natural hi-lites

This is what 6 yrs of medical school can do 2 u. Haha. It's genetic really. Thank God 4 henna. -via sonyE-

Friday, April 9, 2010

entry berbahasa melayu

mintak maaf.. kali ni terpaksa berblog dlm bahasa ibunda.. kerana saya sudah penat membaca dan menelaah dlm bahasa inggeris..

kalau dulu2 sewaktu masih di bangku sekolah, apabila saya rasa malas dan penat utk belajar mahupun malas utk ke sekolah, ibu akan slalu berkata, "kalau malas belajar nnti mummy paksa kawen baru tau".. di waktu umur masih muda dan naif, enggan dipaksa berkahwin, maka sy terpaksa sambung belajar dan terpaksa melangkah malas ke sekolah.

tetapi, di kala lanjut usia ini(hampir berusia suku abad), ketika sudah penat dan malas utk belajar, apa yg dibaca pun tidak difahami dan tidak lekat di dlm kepala, teringin dan terbayangkn apa akan jadi jika saya tidak pilih jalan ini (tp semestinya sudah terlalu lmbt utk berundur).. sy ingin berkata kpd ibu, "mummy, sy nk kawen!!"

jd, kepada adik2 yg masih di bangku sekolah, kalau ibu2 anda mengugut anda utk mengahwinkn anda dgn sesiapa pun, terima saje laa!! hahahahha (sungguh mengarut entry sy pada kali ini) minta maaf skali lg.. =).

ni namenye entry membuang masa.. dan tak disangka, bahasa melayu sy sgt skema, dan jika anda perasan, ada beberapa "direct translation" berlaku.. ini semua gara2 temuduga SPA tempoh hari.. ok, mungkin sy patut berhenti di sini, sekarang!