Friday, October 28, 2011



*mixed emotion*




Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Walking down memory lane...

We had our pre-wedding photo-shoot last weekend in the place where we met and get to know each other.. It was such a sweet walk down memory lane.. and we had a great photographer as well, our fellow college-mate.. ;)

1 month 5 days to go........

Thursday, July 28, 2011

3rd Posting: Medical

Okay, so I started my 3rd posting on the 6th of July.. So far so good..
It's tough being a 3rd poster in Medical because the expectation is so high, we even have to do MO's job.. *sigh*

So far I had 4 on-calls in medical.. anti-Jonah so far.. average of 6 admissions per night and only 1 pt collapsed on my watch.. hope it stays that way for the next 3+ months.. ;)
But honestly, no matter how late I got to go back home every night, it is not as stressful as Surgery.. AND new HOs are flocking in = less work!
ANDDD!! I'm taking the weekend off!!! weehooo~~~!

So many things to settle this weekend.. but i'm looking forward to spend tomorrow night with my Carriglea girls!!! *EXCITED*

Will update soon... maybe with pictures next time around.. ;)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

2 months update

It's been almost 2 months since I last posted something here!
My blogspot has been neglected! Oh nooo!! Same goes to all my social network accounts.. Rarely have I been updating and logging in to all these websites. Because...

1. the-same-old-excuses-everyone-keeps-giving... B.U.S.Y. : especially since I started my 2nd posting in Surgery.. which sux. I am in the 2 most horrible teams of surgery that anyone can possibly get.. (in HUKM at least). Oh yes, I am in Surgical posting now, not Medical. I am now working every single day even during weekends.. even on my birthday, which is TODAY!! (oops, terkeluar topik kejap)

2. you know that I lost my BB in February right?? I didn't have the chance to tell u that since I lost both my BB and my iPod touch, i bought myself an iPhone4.. I haven't even told u guys about it and now I lost my iPhone too.. all in the short course of 2 months.. I lost RM~5k in total!!! daayymmm.. that's like a slightly more than a month's pay.. *blood tears*. This time, it's not in the movie theater, but i lost it in the ward!! on the counter table!!!! seriously, FML... so now, i'm resorting to good old Nokia phone.. the type that it's so slim and light i can hang it around my neck.. like seriously.. no more smartphones for me..

anything else... lemme think...

my dear cousin treat me for bday lunch today in Secret Recipe after work.. and tonight my family is having a BBQ dinner.. yipppee~!! =D

but all the happiness stops when I think about having to go to work EARLY tomorrow morning and I'm oncall tomorrow!!! *HUGE SIGH*

okay.. that's it for now... see you when i see you! (next 2 months maybe.. heh)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Next Posting Starts Tomorrow!!! *collapsed & die*


My long holiday is ending soon... by that I mean today!!!
I'll be starting new posting tomorrow! For real?!!
It's not official, but I was told by the person-in-charge in HR that I'll be starting Medical Posting tomorrow!! (as I am so lazy to hand in my log book, will only be doing so tomorrow morning.. heh).

Wish me luck, peeps! And it seems like I need loads of luck as there is only 6 (S.I.X.!!!) H.O.s in Medical at the moment. *die! die! die!*

okay bye.. need to hit the books!

yeah rite.. i mean hit the bed!! *_*

Monday, February 21, 2011

February Updates

Hello peeps~!
It's been a while since I wrote something here.. Kinda miss blogging to be honest..
So, let's pick up where we left shall we?

2nd February was Mr fiance's 26th birthday!! =D
We had a really romantic candle-lit dinner in a French fine-dining restaurant somewhere in the city center. Sorry, no pictures allowed! =P

2 Fridays ago, my colleagues & I went for a dinner in TGIF, WangsaWalk.. we had great fun chatting & laughing away. Then some of us went for bowling & I went to watch The Green Hornet with Mr Fiance. That's when I lost my pouch.. which includes my Blackberry, my iPod touch, my ID, my licence, my ATM card etc etc... yeah, was really pissed off...
as a result, i'm RM2k poorer as I just bought myself a new iPhone4. Just settled with my temporary ID card & licence.. and I have to go to the bank tomorrow to settle all that.. Thank God I'm on a week-long holiday! *woot woot*

one of the last pictures taken by my BB.. *sigh*

Oh wait! Have I not tell u already?? I'm done with O&G!!! I've gathered all my holidays (well, just 8 days per posting) and enjoying the long holiday now before going on to the next posting.. which I have no idea which yet ... either Medical or Surgical posting... wish me luck!! Was actually hoping for Medical first so I could get the worst over and done with and save the lighter ones near to the big day!

To commemorate my end of O&G posting, Cik Jiah & I went for a spa retreat last Sunday in Aurora Beauty Spa Saloon in Ampang. Felt so good to be pampered and massaged from head to toe.. =)

can u see the glow on our faces? hee..

would definitely recommend this place & would definitely go there again! ;)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend Blues tips

weekend blues situation #1: what to do when you're sleepy but u have to drive somewhere on ur own +/- traffic jam

to avoid dozing off while stopping at the traffic light or stuck in a massive traffic
1. drink coffee or eat loads of kopiko (coffee-flavoured candies)
2. put on the radio on full blast (loud but still bearable to ur hearing level, that is)
3. sing along your favourite songs, with head-banging preferably.. as loud as u can, at the top of ur lungs with full emotion.. without any care in the world of what the dude in the car next to u might think
4. when there is an opportunity of speeding or overtaking the car in front.. go ahead! u need the adrenaline!!

weekend blues situation #2: when u feel u've had enough with people around u.. and feel tired of dealing with homo-sapiens..

1. buy urself a pet.. anything u like.. cats, fish, iguana
2. they'll make u feel wanted & needed..
3. talk to them and let your heart out.. they will listen & stare at you.. and they will not be judgmental..
4. all they will ever want from u as a return, is enough food & shelter (and of course cleanliness).. they won't ask for more.. well, except for a head-scratch or two..

to be continued...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

head over heels.... still

I know.. I know.. It's been over 3 weeks already.. but seriously I can't help it!
Sorry~!! heeeee...

just one more.. pleaseeee... *wink*

Call me cheesy but after 7 1/2 years of long term & long distance relationship, at least I know it is finally going in the right direction. InsyaAllah.. =)
Pray for us..

p/s: quoting mr boyfie.. (i mean, mr fiance.. eheee) wedding business is a huge business.. planning is a tough job!! help!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Pictures...... and some promos

the photographer: Ariff Lee

the make-up artist: Erin Omar

the pelamin: becomingmrsbridal

the vanity ;)

the favourite picture

the present

Saturday, January 1, 2011


A great day to start the year.. And I'm still grinning from ear to ear.
These are some pictures taken from FB. Formal pictures will be uploaded once they're available. ;)
with kasus (the representative of carriglea)

fellow Corkians

us.. 1 step closer.. =)

with Gina.. =)

tired looking people.

I had to pinch myself to make sure today is real.
Back to reality... I AM ENGAGED!! =D
BUT I'm on-call tomorrow!!!!!! *sigh*

Summary of 2010

new year 2010

coldest winter

intan in eire

turning 25

final exam over & done with


came home for good.. finally!

1st eid with family after 6 yrs away..

1st step of 3

my 1st car

family day @ cameron highland - with colleagues from PPUKM

A lot of things to be thankful for.
A huge transition in life occurs in 2010.
From being a student to working life, with different responsibilities rest upon these shoulders.
Memories of sweet sorrow to be cherished & learn from.
2010, you will definitely be missed...