Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weekend away in Galway.. (uuu.. that rhymes! =P)

Hey peeps!

Just got back from Galway! Great weekend off.. catching up and gossiping with the girls (Najmi & Aimee) *wink*. Thanx girls, for a wonderful weekend! =D. They "sumbat" me with good food!! Thanx to Najmi, I've found a new way of eating my breakfast! hehehe... cereal with coffee/hot choc.. I loike!!
Aiseyh, all the dieting during the weekdays gone just like that.. ha ha ha.
Actually, I lost 5kg already since I can't remember when.. and I have another 2kg to go! go Hana go! =P. Nope, not telling you my target weight.. rest assured, I'll still be in the normal BMI range.. (*wink2 to Yusma*)
Anyhoo, just found out during the same weekend that Patho oral is gonna be on the 27/28th Feb.. daymm!! all the plans for next month (esp dance performances) have to be reconsidered.. *sigh*
Putting that aside, let's talk about the good stuff.. Oh! We watched Sweeney Todd on Saturday.. the movie was okay.. and it's gruesome!! I wouldn't say it's an A-list movie.. but if you're a big fan of Johnny Depp or musicals, then it is a must!
Miss them already!

Spending the weekend with the girls made me a little bit nostalgic.. made me miss my boyfriend so much.. (arrgghh.. jiwang!! hahaha) but on a serious note, I am missing him.. *sob sob*

Back in Cork now.. I have Communication Skill Workshop on Monday & Tuesday (bowrriinnngg!) and have to start diving into those thick books already..


Thursday, January 24, 2008

What do you need when it's raining?

Hey peeps!

This is a cover version of Umbrella.. Just feel like playing this song, because of the Irish weather!! (tho you can't really use umbrella here.. rain coats are much better really..)

FYI, I hated this song so much during summer holiday last year.. just imagine listening to Rihanna's "eh eh eh" on every radio station u turned on!! It was sooo annoying!! And I have another reason why I hated it so much, which is not worth mentioning it here.. (I'm burying my hatred.. let the past stays in the past..)

Anyway, thanks to Marie Digby, her version of this song is much more easier to my ears.. So technically speaking, my version is actually a cover of Marie's, not Rihanna's.. =P

I hope you'll enjoy it! =D

*That's Stitchy at the back.. he says hi! =D*

p/s: An acknowledgment, my sincere gratitude to Miss Yusma Lyana.. for your camera! =P
Your camera made all these videos possible.. he he he.. (Mwahx! A token of appreciation for u.. ) =D

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rag Week


It is Rag Week in campus again! For those of you who do not know what Rag Week is, I can't really tell you guys much about it because I just found out what it's really about today anyway! =P (try wikipedia! hehehe)
What little info I can tell u is that Rag Week is actually an annual event here in UCC. After spending almost 4 years here, I just found out that Rag Week is actually meant for charity!... I always thought it's the time of year when all the students get drunk as early as possible, acted crazy, party every night of the week and have fun on campus ground! haha.. shame on me...

Anyhoo, there were 2 stages set up on campus ground this year.. and everyday during lunch hour, live bands will perform for the whole week! It was great fun!!
Earlier this afternoon, we (UCC Dance Club) performed in the UCC amphitheater in main campus, dancing to Janet Jackson's All Nite(Don't Stop)! It was great! Tho the weather was quite mundane n it was drizzling in the morning.. but the crowd was amazing!
After our performance, there was this guy from You're A Star (reality talent TV show in Ireland where the winner represents the country in Eurovision) performed on one of the stages..

There was a live performance by a local band in one of the lecture halls in Brookfield too! (the health complex).. surprise surprise! The health complex was rarely involved in main campus activity.. =P
UCC Amphitheater

~Entertainment with a good cause!~

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just Keep Swimming..

Went to the Mardyke Arena yesterday with my house mates..
they went to the gym, and i went for a few laps..
it's been quite some time since the last time i went for a swim!
it was only the 2nd time since i came back from summer hols.. n it felt good!! (apart from having sore shoulders today) =P
did 50 laps (50X50=2500) so i did 2.5 km in 45 mins.. hmm.. not very satisfying..
okay, new target! 75laps nxt weekend! go Hana go!!
50m size pool in the Mardyke Arena

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Foolish Games

This is a song by Jewel.
This song was actually the first song I learned to pluck on my own way back then, when I was 12 years old.. i think.. =P. hehehe
Anyway, enjoy the song! (I know, I do need to practice more before taking the vids.. It's kinda all over the place.. =P)

feel free to leave any comments.. *wink* .. or any song request.. =D

Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Love

this is my favourite Japanese song by Utada Hikaru..
I would say that i only understand 1/4 of what i was singing to.. hehehe
I did a short course of Japanese Language a few years back, n i only know the basic stuff and i would say my japanese is quite formal. the only way i am improving or revising my japanese is thru anime and japanese dorama (dramas)!! if u know how to speak japanese, feel free to teach me a thing or 2.. onegaishimasu! =P
anyway, enjoy!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Should I or Should I Not??

hey ppl..

i just got back from 2 1/2 hrs of dance class. it was really tiring because it has been more than a month since the last time i went to dance class here in UCC. I think my right brain is getting rusty because it was quite hard for me to pick up the steps today.. *sigh*. or maybe there's something wrong with my cerebellum.. (coordination was all over the place!!!). ah well.. i guess i am the type that need to practice practice practice!! like in medicine right??

i am now doing my first rotation of this term, which is Epidemiology!!! just imagine 2 weeks of lectures on Epi and medical statistics, from 9 to 5!! mental torture!! and i found that my left side of the brain is getting rusty too!! i miss maths!! but it's been years since i did any complicated calculations and memorizing formulas! *double sigh*

okay so here's the thing.. there is going to be a dance performance on the 10th of february (sunday evening). it's an annual charity event which is organized by UCC Dance Club.. i did performed last year.. n now i am contemplating of joining this year.. it would definitely be an amazing opportunity and experience but the next day, i have to be in South Infirmary Hospital early in the morning!! so the question is, should i or should i not join the perfomance?? hmmm...

AND.. the weekend after, there is going to be an intervarsity competition which will be held in Maynooth.. last year, UCC won the overall competition.. n it would be great if i could compete again this year, and bring home the trophy again i hope *wink*... but then again, it will be on friday.. *sigh*.. so, this one i might just pass... *sob sob*

i know u must think, m i really a medical student. still have time to dance when i'm supposed to be studying. hehehe.. to tell u the truth, i am still asking the same question to myself.. i do love medicine and i love dancing too.. *wink*. that's a good enough reason rite?

i guess that's all for now. A BMJ article i am supposed to read through tonight is calling me now..

~later dayz!~
p/s: nope, no song for today.. hmm, maybe i should put up videos on those performances as well..?? ha ha ha.. i'll think about it..

oh! before i forgot! check this out... http://barcelona.bmj.com/plenary-1/index.htm?lang=en-gb#
something to ponder upon med-heads! =P

Sunday, January 6, 2008

October... tho it's January!!

This is my most favorite song by Evanescence
The title of this song is October.. enjoy!
I love plucking!!

Ignore the glitch in the middle of the song.. =P

feel free to drop any comment (blabs). *wink*