Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello from York!

Time passed by so quickly!! I have been here for more than 1 week now. ;)

So what's the story morning glory?

After I finished by housemanship in PPUKM, I was placed in Pahang for my MO-ship. I specifically requested for Temerloh to be reunited with my lovely Carriglea housemate, Kasusi! Such a sweet reunion but sadly it lasted for only one week.. Once my leave was approved by the MOH, straight away I bought the earliest ticket out to London (drama, I know..).

So I arrived here on the 23rd of February 2013. Since then I have been a full-time housewife and I am loving it! We are renting one of the studio in campus. Nice little cosy place we have here.. As u enter the door, to your right is the bed, to your left is the bathroom. Then you will see the dining area straight ahead. If u walk 5 steps ahead the kitchen is on your left and the study area is on your right. Perfect for just the two of us. Hehehe. This is only temporary until the end of term in September, we will be renting out a new place soon.

Since I arrived, mr husband has been quite busy with lectures and assignments. But he took the liberty of entertaining me with shopping trips in between his work. Weee-hoooo!! My 2nd day here we went for grocery shopping, then Wednesday, he took me around campus and we went to a retail park here in York for more shopping. Last weekend he took me to the city then to Leeds to buy some stuff from Ikea! I am a happy happy woman.. ;). Love you to bits darling!

Coming back to this side of the world made me realised that I kinda miss Ireland.. York reminds me a lot of Cork.. (Yeah, just change the first letter). The weather, the friendly people... Everything! And to have the familiarity of the lifestyle and atmosphere is really something I really appreciate..

I need to be studying too for my entrance exam.. But let me savour the joy of thinking of what dish to cook for dinner, doing the laundry and cleaning first okay? Okay. ;)


Salivating much? ;P


Ann@zanyra said...

wow..hanaaaa...seronoknye bace..

enjoy ur life there dear!take care:)

aziahzuber ialah name saye. said...

kakhan!! ajar i buat pancakes itu pleaseee.. its been ages since i last made my own bfast. but that blueberry made it looks soooo sedap!! nk resepi nowww!!!